Pampers Swaddlers Vs Baby Dry: What’s the Difference?

Both pampers swaddlers vs baby dry comes from the same company. And each parent has his/her favorite type that you purchase every now and then. But, have you ever asked yourself why pamper brand has these two types of diapers among others? Well, as we all know, most diapers just work fine for most moms. But we want to see the difference between swaddlers and baby dry, so that you as the parent can get to know what will work well for your little baby. Let’s dive in and see the similarities together with the differences.

Pampers Swaddlers Vs Baby Dry 2020 Reviews: What Will Work Better for You?

Before that, let me just explain a little about these two diapers so that you can get to see every detail about them.

Pampers Swaddlers

If we can first look about sizes, as that is what most parents check first, we can see that pampers swaddlers comes in different sizes. The sizes are from newborn to size 6. This means that it can be used by newborns to babies over 35lbs.

Swaddlers is 2x softer and protects your baby from leakages for up to 12 hours. It ensures your baby stays dry by pulling the messes away from the baby’s skin. This makes it so comfortable to the baby and therefore preferred by most parents. The sides provide a soft stretch for a compact and comfortable fit.

It also has air channels which allows air reach the baby’s skin to ensure your baby stays dry and comfortable throughout. As for the newborn pack, it has a wetness indicator that alerts you when to change your baby. Another great feature for the newborn pack is that it has an umbilical cord notch which protects the delicate belly of your baby.

Pampers Baby Dry

Baby dry diapers are also available in various sizes from newborn to size 6 which has an ability to accommodate kids weighing 35 lbs.

This specific diaper is 3x dryer and is perfect for night uses. It’s specially designed with 5 layers of protection which pulls liquid away from the baby to ensure your baby stays dry throughout the night. There are 3 air-dry channels that locks away wetness.

The great feature of baby dry is that all sizes has a wetness indicator that shows you when to change your baby. You don’t have to keep on dipping fingers to check when wet.

The sides are stretchy for a snug fit and moves with your baby. With the sides being stretchy, it is soft to ensure it doesn’t irritate the baby’s skin.

Differences Between Swaddlers And Baby Dry Diapers

After going through these brief reviews, you can already highlight the differences. One of the differences we can note is the wet indicator. We can see that in swaddlers, the wetness indicator is available in newborn size and also size one. In baby dry all sizes from newborn to size 6 has the wetness indicator.

Another difference to note is the protection it offers to the baby. We can all agree that both keeps the baby dry for long but baby dry is drier that swaddlers. As we have seen baby dry has 5 layers of protection which makes it perfect for night uses.

Another great difference we can see is that the newborn size in swaddlers is well designed with an umbilical cord notch to ensure it doesn’t interfere with the baby’s belly while in baby dry, we cannot see that feature.

Similarities Between Swaddlers Vs Baby Dry

  • Both of these diapers have a compact fit.
  • They are both available from size newborn to 6.
  • They are soft with a cotton like feel.
  • They also have air channels to ensure your baby is comfortable.


Maybe some of you may still not be decided on what type to purchase. Let me break it for you further. Both types are good for you to purchase. But, if you have a newborn or a small baby, you can opt for the pampers swaddlers. This is because swaddlers is 2x softer than baby dry. The newborn pack also has an umbilical cord notch which makes it safe for your infant.

On the other hand, if you want night diapers, you can opt for pampers baby dry. It’s 3x dryer than swaddlers. It locks in wetness much better than swaddlers making your baby comfortable throughout the night. Remember to store your diapers in a dry place below 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

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