Pampers Cruisers Vs Baby Dry Diapers: What’s the Difference?

get to know differences between pampers cruisers vs baby dry

There are so many types of diaper brands in the market, but most moms trust pampers diapers. This is because they are of good quality and absorbs baby’s urine without making the baby wet. But we have different types of pampers diapers. I want us to look at two types that are widely used by moms. Pampers cruisers vs baby dry diapers.

The reason I want us to look at their features is because, (1) most moms don’t know the difference and refers them to just pampers, (2) I want you as the mom to end up with the right diaper for your little one. Let’s have a look at which diaper is better than the other.

Pampers Cruisers Vs Baby Dry Diapers: Similarities and Differences

Pampers Cruisers

The one feature that moms love about pampers cruisers is the fact that it’s highly absorbent. It can be used for 12 hours without leaking. This ensures that your baby stays dry and plays without worrying about messing the floor.

The waist and legs fit well to ensure the diaper doesn’t come loose as the baby moves. The dual leak-guard barriers ensure the diaper is securely fit at the legs and bottom to prevent leaking as those are the main leaking points. The 2x stretchier sides ensures a secure fit to ensure the diaper stays in place.

When it comes to diapers, always check the material used to make them as they can react with the baby’s skin. Pampers cruisers are free of latex and parabens and are also hypoallergenic. This means they are gentle on the baby’s skin and in most cases, won’t react with the baby’s delicate skin.

Pampers cruisers are available in various sizes which are sizes 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.


  • Soft cotton-like feel that is soft on baby’s skin.
  • Highly absorbent up to 12 hours protection.
  • Available in different sizes: 3-7 (16-41 pounds)
  • Three-way fit.

Pampers Baby Dry

With up to 12 hours of maximum protection, pampers baby dry is suitable for overnight use as your baby won’t be wet at any single minute. It is well manufactured with 3 absorbing channels that locks away wetness. The 3 channels pull liquid away from your baby’s skin hence keeping your baby dry.

The waist line is stretchy for a comfort fit. The three entries are well made for a snug fit to prevent any leakage. Pampers baby dry is available in sizes N,1,2,3,4,5, and 6. The best feature of sizes N,1 and 2 is that it has a wet indicator that alerts you when to change your baby.

Baby dry diapers are made of gentle material which are soft and gentle to your baby’s skin.


  • Available from newborn size.
  • Perfect for night uses.
  • The smaller sizes have an indicator that alerts wet diapers for changes.
  • Has a snug, comfortable fit.
  • Made of good quality material that doesn’t cause rashes.

Similarities Between Pampers Cruisers and Baby Dry

Both of these two types of diapers have high absorbency. Although baby dry is much more fit for night use, pampers cruisers can also be used and still work perfectly. They have channels that ensures your baby stays dry by pulling the liquid away from their skin.

Both are made of good quality material that doesn’t cause rashes to the baby’s skin. They have three entries with a stretchy waistline for a comfortable fit. The legs also have a snug fit to prevent any leakage. They are easy to put and remove. After removal, they are easy to dispose as you just roll them and tie them with the waist band and put them on the diaper pail.

Differences Between Pampers Cruisers and Baby Dry

The main aim of pampers as a brand to create different types of diapers, is to ensure all moms gets a diaper that will work well for their baby. It’s not that they are different in manufacturing but just by the way they work for your little baby.

The main difference between pampers cruisers vs baby dry is the sizes. Pampers cruisers is available in size 3,4,5,6 and 7 while baby dry diaper is available in size N, 1,2,3,4,5 and 6. 

Pampers cruisers are made for bigger kids who are very active and always on the move. They are made in such a way that it will stay comfortably in place even after your baby moves from place to place.

Baby dry diapers are specially made for small babies and infants. They ensure your baby stays dry throughout the night. As you know, newborns sleep for longer hours than older kids. Instead of waking them every now and then to change them, just get them baby dry diapers.

Another difference to note is that the smaller sizes of pampers baby dry (N, 1,2) is that they have an indicator that shows you when the diaper is wet for you to change the baby. While in pampers cruisers no indicator available.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there is no major difference between the two diaper brands. Furthermore, they come from the same diaper brand which is pampers.

To conclude this, if you have a newborn or a small baby, just get her the baby dry diapers. If you have an older baby, who is very active, get her the pampers cruisers as they will not come off when the baby is playing. All in all, since the two types of diapers share some sizes which is sizes 3,4,5 and 6, for babies using these sizes, you can just pick any type as they will still work well for your baby.

Remember, to know the size your baby will use, check their weight and see on the package of the diapers the correct size. This ensures a perfect and comfortable fit for your baby without leakages.

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