Elegant Middle Names for Hazel

Meaning of the Name Hazel

Before we get into our main agenda, let us first get to know the meaning of the name Hazel. Hazel is such a cute girls’ name that is widely used in the US. Before I got my daughter, I had already decided to name her Hazel. My husband also agreed to this without any hesitation.

 The name Hazel is of English origin meaning “hazelnut tree” and can also be used to mean greenish-brown color.

From 2000 this name has been popular with its peak in 2019. It drastically ranked position 33 in 2019 from position 893 in 2000. It gained its popularity in the year 2004 after being used by Julia Roberts to name one of her twins. Later John Krasinki and Emily Blunt also named their daughter Hazel.

Pronunciation: hay-zuhl

Variations of Hazel

  • Hazal
  • Hazle
  • Hazelle
  • Hazell
  • Hayzal
  • Haizella
  • Haize
  • Haizlet


Similar names to Hazel

  • Violet
  • Juniper
  • Eleanor
  • Camellia
  • Evelyn

Nicknames for Hazel

  • Haze
  • Hazey


And now back to our main agenda, when naming my daughter, I had to look for a cute middle name. And from my research I got quite a number of middle names that paired well with Hazel. Without hesitation, let me share the list with you.

Best Middle Names for Hazel

  1. Hazel Adair
  2. Hazel Adelaide
  3. Hazel Adira
  4. Hazel Alexandra
  5. Hazel Alsie
  6. Hazel Amelia
  7. Hazel Angela
  8. Hazel Anne
  9. Hazel Arwen
  10. Hazel Astrid
  11. Hazel Baylee
  12. Hazel Beatrix
  13. Hazel Belle
  14. Hazel Bette
  15. Hazel Bianca
  16. Hazel Blair
  17. Hazel Blythe
  18. Hazel Bree
  19. Hazel Brooke
  20. Hazel Brynn
  21. Hazel Camille
  22. Hazel Carina
  23. Hazel Carys
  24. Hazel Cecelia
  25. Hazel Charlotte
  26. Hazel Cleo
  27. Hazel Coralie
  28. Hazel Cordelia
  29. Hazel Corinne
  30. Hazel Daphne
  31. Hazel Diana
  32. Hazel Esme
  33. Hazel Evelyn
  34. Hazel Falin
  35. Hazel Fay
  36. Hazel Faye
  37. Hazel Geneva
  38. Hazel Grace
  39. Hazel Greer
  40. Hazel Gwen
  41. Hazel Harper
  42. Hazel Ileana
  43. Hazel Iyana
  44. Hazel Jade
  45. Hazel Jane
  46. Hazel Jill
  47. Hazel Joan
  48. Hazel Juliet
  49. Hazel Katherine
  50. Hazel Keziah
  51. Hazel Kiana
  52. Hazel Kim
  53. Hazel Leigh
  54. Hazel Leyre
  55. Hazel Lisa
  56. Hazel Louise
  57. Hazel Mae
  58. Hazel Maeve
  59. Hazel Marie
  60. Hazel Marin
  61. Hazel Maya
  62. Hazel Melissa
  63. Hazel Minet
  64. Hazel Nance
  65. Hazel Nicole
  66. Hazel Nina
  67. Hazel Noemi
  68. Hazel Noor
  69. Hazel Nour
  70. Hazel Odelia
  71. Hazel Orla
  72. Hazel Paige
  73. Hazel Pearl
  74. Hazel Phoebe
  75. Hazel Prue
  76. Hazel Quinlee
  77. Hazel Rae
  78. Hazel Reese
  79. Hazel Regina
  80. Hazel Rosanne
  81. Hazel Rose
  82. Hazel Savannah
  83. Hazel Serena
  84. Hazel Sharon
  85. Hazel Shaye
  86. Hazel Sloane
  87. Hazel Suzanne
  88. Hazel Tamsin
  89. Hazel Tenzin
  90. Hazel Tess
  91. Hazel Thea
  92. Hazel Theresa
  93. Hazel Violet
  94. Hazel Vivienne
  95. Hazel Willa
  96. Hazel Winnie

Wrap Up

I definitely love the name Hazel. And from the above list, I’m sure you have already gotten the middle name you will use. From experience, I know getting a middle name is hectic. And that’s why some people prefer to use the family name or name the baby after a loved one. But if you don’t like the family name, it’s still okay to look for another name as long as you get to know its meaning first.

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