How to Soothe A Crying Baby

There are so many reasons that may make a baby cry. Some can just be normal reasons like being hungry, wet diaper or just holding them. But there are those times when nothing doesn’t soothe the crying baby. In this case you even start thinking that maybe your baby is sick. But you check the temperature and its okay. You are left worried, tired, with no idea on what to do and all that. But before taking any action, you should first check for any symptoms like high fever, runny nose, or any signs of pain. If any, take your baby to the hospital. If no symptoms seen, you should rule out any of the following

  • Colic
  • Wet diaper
  • Hunger
  • Much noise
  • Lack of sleep
  • Gas
  • Pain

If any of these is making the baby fussy, you can try the following tips to soothe your crying baby.

Tips on Soothing a Crying Baby

Encourage sucking

You may breastfeed your baby, but if already full, he may not breastfeed. In this case, you can give him a pacifier and let him suck. This will definitely soothe your crying baby much faster. If you don’t have a pacifier, you can let him suck his finger as it will calm his nerves.

Rock the baby on your chest

Sometimes it may not be something serious bothering your baby, and by rocking him near you may calm him. Maybe he just needs to feel the closeness of you as the mother. You can also use a front carrier or sling in case you want to multi task and walk around.

Sing a song

Even as an adult singing soothes a person. Babies are no lesser being. She will not even notice how bad your voice might be and believe me after singing a lullaby, you will find your baby sleeping.

Bathing the baby

Your baby may just be fatigued maybe from sleeping too much, sleeping on one side for long or being awake for too long. Just wash that baby and you will see some changes.


After washing the baby, massage your little one with oil to relax the tired body.

You can stroke his chest from the center outward and make small circles on his tummy

Gently massage his legs and hands

Rub his palms and fingers

You can also turn him on his stomach and stroke his back.

Try the colic carry

This particular style helps relieve gas which may be the cause of the baby being fussy.

Lay your baby on his tummy on your hand well and use the other hand to rub his back.

Lay him across your lap and place one knee on his tummy and the other knee supporting his head.

Hold him upright with his abdomen on your shoulder.

Lay him on his back and push his knees up to the tummy for 10 seconds, and repeat the procedure to relieve gas.


The baby may be bored to make him cry. To make them stop crying, you can try making some funny noises and expressions while tickling him. You can also give him toys and try playing with him. The baby will either giggle or start looking at you as if he is listening.

Take a walk out

The change in air, light, temperature and sounds may make your baby change from his bad moods. Babies enjoy looking around and seeing things like flowers or shaking leaves can entertain them. Apart from strolling, you can also drive in your car if the weather is cold.

Wrap Up

Soothing a crying baby is always not a simple task as you don’t know what’s really bothering them. But after trying all these tips and the baby is still fussy, you can then take him to the hospital for proper checkup. In most cases, colic is the main cause of the baby being fussy and in this case, ensure to breastfeed the baby well or if using a bottle, use the best bottle that will not let your baby take in gas. Also, ensure to burp your baby whenever he breastfeeds to remove the excess gas.

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