Difference Between Spectra S1 Vs S2 Breast Pumps

differences between spectra s1 and s2

Whether working or not, as long as you are breastfeeding you need a breast pump. The great advantage of having a breast pump is that it ensures that your baby gets breast milk even when you are not available or when working. I want us to major on spectra s1 vs s2 breast pumps.

Breastfeeding moms swears by the spectra breast pumps. But do you know that there are two types of spectra breast pumps? That is spectra S1 and spectra S2. Even for moms who know the two types, majority of them don’t know which is better than the other. And that’s why I want us to look at the Differences between spectra s1 vs spectra s2. This will enable you choose the best that will work for you and your little baby.

But before that, let me just explain a little bit about the two breast pumps.

Spectra S1 Breast Pump

Spectra baby is a company owned by a mom and operated by registered nurses and board-certified lactation consultants. This is just to show you that we are dealing with quality breast pumps.

This blue in color double breast pump has a suction strength of 250mmhg. But you can change the setting by the use of the touch buttons depending on your body response and flow of milk. It has a closed system and therefore no need of cleaning the narrow tubing. The closed system keeps the tubing dry by preventing air from flowing between the expressed milk and baby. To keep the breast milk safe and from bacteria, it has a backflow protection feature.

Spectra s1 has an inbuilt rechargeable battery that is very convenient to use. Being light in weight (2.9 lbs) makes it portable and can be used anywhere. Nobody outside your room can notice that you are breast pumping as the machine is very quiet. When set in massage mode, it stimulates a suckling baby hence no pain experienced. It comes with 2 wide neck spectra bottle and can also be used with most baby bottles.

One feature I like about spectra s1 is the night light. You don’t have to light a bulb which irritates the baby’s eyes at night. This feature makes breastfeeding and diaper changes at night easier.


  • Has 2 backflow protector.
  • Inbuilt rechargeable battery.
  • Maximum suction strength of 250mmhg.
  • Has a nightlight.
  • 2 spectra wide neck bottle.
  • 2 spectra duckbill valve.
  • 2 spectra tubing.
  • Double breast pump.
  • No noise when being used.
  • Closed pumping system.

Spectra S2 Breast Pump

Being made with materials that are free of BPA and DEHP, you can fully trust this breast pump as it will be safe for your baby. When expressing the milk, you can set the pump according to your body’s response or according to the flow of the milk.

With the closed system, you don’t need to clean the tubing as it stays dry because the closed systems prevent air from flowing between the expressed milk and the pump. This ensures that there is no virus, mold or bacteria that will get to the breast milk.

Being a double breast pump, you will be able to express enough milk for your little one. It also comes with spectra wide neck bottle. It is available in a soft pink color that is soothing to you as the mom.


  • Built-in nightlight.
  • 2 spectra wide neck bottle.
  • 2 spectra backflow protector.
  • 2 spectra duckbill valve.
  • 2 spectra tubing.
  • 2 24mm flange.
  • 2 28mm flange.

Main Differences Between Spectra S1 Vs Spectra S2 Breast Pumps


The main difference between the two breast pumps, is that spectra s1 has a rechargeable battery while the s2 doesn’t have one. This makes s1 more portable than s2. You can use s1 anywhere you go as long as you have recharged it. If you travel a lot or you pump when at work, s1 will be a greater choice for you.


In most of the items we purchase, we consider price first. In this case, spectra s1 is slightly higher than spectra s2. This maybe because s1 is more portable than the s2.


As we have seen, spectra s1 comes with a rechargeable battery unlike in spectra s2. This makes the s1 heavier than the s2. S1 weighs 1.1kg while s2 weighs 900g.


Spectra S1 comes in blue color while spectra s2 comes in a soft pink color. If you are a fun of colors, you can choose your favorite. You can also choose blue for a baby boy and pink for a baby girl. It will all depend on you.

Similarities on Spectra S1 And Spectra S2 Breast Pump

Both features

  • Night light
  • Closed system
  • Adjustable speed
  • Double breast pump
  • 2 spectra backflow protector
  • 2 spectra wide neck bottle
  • Flanges.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I sterilize breast pump parts?

You can sterilize using a steam bottle sterilizer or even boil for five minutes. You should also note that breast pump parts are not to be used in a microwave as it causes discoloration.

How long does it take to charge spectra s1?

It takes around four hours for the spectra s1 pump to be fully charged.

Are spectra s1 and s2 breast pumps hospital-grade?

The answer is simple, yes! Both are hospital-grade pumps.

What can you list as the major difference between the two breast pumps?

The main differences that we have noticed between spectra s1 and spectra s2 breast pump is the price and the rechargeable battery. S1 is higher in price and has a rechargeable battery while s2 is cheaper but cannot be charged.

Wrap Up

As you can see, apart from the two major differences which are the rechargeable battery and the price, there is no other major difference. They are almost the same and work in a perfect way to ensure that you are comfortable and the baby gets enough milk.

If you are an outgoing mom, you can go for the spectra s1 breast pump. But depending on other factors you have to consider, we leave that major decision for you to make.

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