Best Yarn For Baby Blankets (2021 reviews)

Are you expecting a child or a grandchild? Knitting a blanket for your baby is the most exciting thing since you can be able to choose the best yarn for your baby’s delicate skin. The amount to be used usually depends on the size of the blanket to be knitted. For small blankets you can use one or two skeins and for big blankets you can use 4 or 5 skeins. The number of yarns to use also depends on the yards of each skeins.

Yarns can also be used to knit other items like hats, scarfs, mittens booties and home decor items.

There are various factors to consider when buying yarn, for example the material used, season when the blankets will be used and how to clean it. This makes sure that you end up with the right quality. Due to the many types  available in the market, we have highlighted the best yarn for baby blankets and their characteristics, to enable you choose the best.

Best Yarn For Baby Blankets Reviews

1. Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn, Baby Lilac

This beautiful soft yarn is made of 100% polyester that makes it perfect for baby’s blanket and garments. It comes in a ball size that is 300 g or 10.5 oz with a length of 220 yards that is used with 8 mm knitting needle or 6.5 mm crotchet hook.

Bernat baby blanket yarn, baby lilac can be used to make baby blankets and garments since its delicate on the baby’s skin. Its thick and therefore makes the blankets last for long. This blanket yarn is safety certified therefore you can easily trust it.

Since babies can be messy, parents always like easy to maintain products and that’s why Bernat baby yarn is one of the best because it can be machine washed in cool water and also dried.

Apart from being the best yarn for baby blankets, it can also be used to knit winter dresses for ladies, home decor and other accessories.


  • Can be machine washed and dried.
  • Its safety certified.
  • Soft on baby’s skin.
  • Perfect for babies with sensitive skin.


  • Has a lot of knots.

2. Lion Brand Yarn 135-302h

Looking for a thick soft yarn? Then you are at the right place since this lion brand will sort all your knitting needs. It comes with a length of 64 yards per skein with its weight at 4 ounces. The recommended needle size is 9 mm or us 13-us 15. Though other sizes of needle can be used but the smaller the needle, and the tighter you knit, you will make a firmer blanket.   it’s very easy to work with when knitting or crocheting since its soft.

Due to its thickness, its suitable for heavy weight projects like baby blankets and hats that can be used during winter. Yarns made from acrylic are always the best since they don’t react with the baby’s body and that’s why we recommend Lion brand yarn 135-302 h. Its super soft therefore suitable for babies with sensitive skin.

The last thing a mum would like is a hand washed blanket since babies tend to be sometimes messy and due to that, this yarn can be machine washed thus saving time.


  • It’s very soft.
  • Does not split.
  • Made of acrylic therefore suitable for sensitive skins.


  • Size of the yarn not indicated on the pack.
  • Might be difficult for a beginner to use.

3. Bernat Blanket Yarn, Silver

Being rated above 4 star means that Bernat blanket yarn, silver, is widely known and trusted by the users. It’s very soft and light in weight thus suitable for baby blankets. it’s very strong such that you can pull on it and it won’t snap. apart from making baby blankets, this luxurious, super soft and cozy yarn can also be used to make home decor, hats and also crotchet baskets.

This economical yarn is made of 100% polyester. Each skein is 300 g/10.5 oz measuring 220 yards. So as to avoid destroying your yarn always use the right knitting needle. And in this case use 8 sts and 13 rows with an 8 mm (us 11) knitting needle. For the crotchet use 7 Sc and 8 rows with an 8 mm (u.s. L/11) crotchet hook.

After knitting lots of blankets, I’ll be pretty sure you would like them clean always and it might be tiring to hand wash various blankets and that’s why Bernat is one of the best since it can be machine washed and dried.


  • Can be machine washed.
  • Made of 100% polyester thus suitable for babies.
  • Doesn’t break easily even after pulling and that guarantees durability.


  • The color might slightly differ in different skeins.

4. Red Heart Soft Yarn, White

256 yards is quite a big ball sized yarn that can do a lot of knitting. It comes in a weight of 5-ounce ball. Being made of 100% acrylic, material makes it ultra-soft and elegant thus suitable for baby’s garments. Available in 5 mm knitting needle and 5.5 mm crotchet hook.

Be sure to follow instructions on how to wash it so that it can last long. Machine wash it under maximum temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Even after several washes, it still maintains its beauty as it was the first day. Avoid tumble dry, bleaching and ironing.

Apart from baby blankets, this versatile worsted weight yarn is appropriate for knitting hats, garments and throws. Red heart soft yarn, white is durable such that it doesn’t split even when knitting. The colors are very consistent in different skeins unlike in other types of yarns.


  • It’s big measuring 256 yards
  • Extremely soft 
  • 100% acrylic
  • Can be machine washed


  • Has some few knots.
  1. Mary Maxim Starlette Sparkle Yarn

A combination of acrylic and polyester material is used to make this yarn thus making it soft cuddly and durable. Mary maxim starlette sparkle yarn is size 4 worsted weight with 3.5 oz and 196 yards with gauge of 18 sts and 24 rows to 4” that is best when used with a 5 mm (size 8) knitting needle. It comes in seven non-fading different colors that are 100% washable.

Size 4 worsted weight yarn is the most versatile in the crafting world since it can be used to make various items like blankets, baby clothes, winter gear, home decor and more. An added advantage with this yarn, is that you can be able to access different designs and patterns from their website in case you need an inspiration or knitting tips.

To save time and for ease of maintenance, Mary maxim yarn is machine washable then laid flat to dry.


  • Made of bot acrylic and polyester hence durable
  • Comes in seven different colors that are non-fade
  • Can be crocheted and also knitted


  • Delivered color might appear darker than in the pictures according to some users.
  1. Mira Handcrafts Assorted Colors Acrylic Yarn

Are you looking for yarn for knitting small items of different colors? This is the best deal for you! This acrylic yarn consists of 40 skeins which totals up to 875 yards (22 yards each). The 40 skeins comes in 24 different colors and 16 duplicates of most of the common ones. The colors are beautiful and vibrant for rainbow knitted items.

Since it’s not so thick, it is therefore suitable for beginners and kids for mini projects. Additionally, it comes with an e-book that will be sent to you in a pdf format, consisting of different patterns and step by step guides that assists the beginners on how to make various items. Not only can it make baby blankets but also it can be used to knit items like hats, booties, mittens and other small items.

machine washed items are easy to maintain and that’s why we recommend mira handcrafts assorted colors acrylic yarn but remember to avoid bleaching and ironing for durability.


  • Can be machine washed
  • Available in many beautiful colors
  • Comes as a pack of 40 skeins


  • Comes in small amounts of yarn meaning it can consume a lot of yarn if making a baby blanket or big items
  1. Jubilee 100g Fur Yarn

Looking for super soft fuzzy feel yarn? I can highly recommend Jubilee 100g fur yarn. During winter, babies need to be kept warm and that’s why we have this great yarn because of its fuzzy feel. its approximately 100g with 73 yards per skein. The recommended needle for this specific type of yarn is us 10-11 (6-8mm).

This 50% polyester and 50% nylon yarn is suitable for baby blankets, garments, mittens scarfs, rigs etc. The fuzzy feel and soft touch makes it suitable for all babies.  Other than it being pretty thin, it has so much fluff, such that any hole that is left between stitches cannot be noticed completely. Because of its softness, it’s beautiful and easy to work with.

Most important is that it can be machine washed with Luke warm water but remember not to bleach, use softener or iron. Just tumble dry-delicate cycle.


  • It’s very soft with a fuzzy feel
  • Made of 50% nylon and 50% polyester making it suitable for babies
  • Can be machine washed.
  • Ideal for winter garments.


  • You have to use thin needle since the thread is thin.

8. Bernat Blanket Yarn, Persian Rug,

From baby blankets to crotchet baskets, Bernat blanket yarn, Persian rug is one of the best yarns to deal with. Its super bulky with a chenille style yarn making it ideal for afghans and large projects. This 100% polyester baby blanket yarn is a big sized ball measuring 220 yards with 300 grams per skein. it can be both knitted and crocheted with the knitting gauge at 8sts and 13 rows with an 8mm (us11) knitting needle and the crocheting at 7 Sc and 8 rows with an 8mm (u.s. L/11) crotchet hook.

Another reason that I highly recommend Bernat yarn is because it doesn’t shed or pill thus making it safe for babies since they like to put everything in their mouth. its super squishy, and look like a cerulean and chocolate brown cloud in your hands.

Easy to maintain since you just machine wash and dry it. This economical big ball sized yarn is durable such that even after many washes it will be warm, sturdy and still maintaining its first appearance.


  • Can be machine washed.
  • Made of 100% polyester.
  • Ideal for winter baby blankets


  • There might be inconsistency in the density of the yarn of different skeins.

What to consider when buying yarn blanket


Babies tend to eat whatever that is reachable, and for that reason I recommend a good yarn that cannot shed or pill to ensure the baby doesn’t eat the small particles that shed off. Acrylic or polyester are the most recommended material for yarn since they don’t shed off.


Some yarns can be washed severally while others can’t hold many washes. Before purchasing any yarn ensure you determine the use of the yarn in order to know how often the item will be washed to enable you choose the best.


Since Babies tend to be messy, always avoid bright colors when knitting baby blanket or items but you can consider them if the blanket will be used by an adult.


All yarns are not the same. Some tend to be bigger than others. Always buy the bigger yarn since it will be more economical and can knit a big blanket with fewer skeins.

Knitting/Crocheting Needle

Some yarns are thick while others are thin. And for this reason, they cannot be knitted with the same size of the needle. To avoid destroying the yarn, always purchase the correct needle size or crotchet hook or you can buy the yarn that will work with the needle you already have.


Are you knitting a baby blanket for summer or winter? Thin yarns are suitable for summer while thick ones are ideal for winter. This will always ensure that you baby get the necessary warmth needed.

Wrap up

Baby blankets can be the best gift to gift a mum especially when you have knitted it yourself. Because you get to choose the best yarn in terms of weight, softness and color. Most yarns can be machine washed thus an added advantage to the mother since you can tend to other things when doing laundry. Not only do yarn knit baby blankets, there are lots of other items that can be knitted or crocheted like hats, scarfs home decor and many more. I hope these tips of best yarn for baby blankets will help you choose the best yarn depending on the item to be knitted.

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