Top 10 Best Snowboard Ski Helmets for Kids (2020 reviews)

 Is winter around the corner and you would like your kid to go skiing or snowboarding? When it comes to kids, their safety shouldn’t be compromised by anything! In this case, we are talking of the head safety. As we all know, the head is one of the most delicate part and should be taken good care of. That’s why, when you want your kid to go snowboarding or skiing, you should buy the best snowboard ski helmets for kids that will offer maximum safety for them. It should be well designed with a good fitting and should have safety mechanisms.

In this review, I’ll explain to you the best ski helmets for kids that will ensure your kids enjoy their activities with maximum protection and without you having to worry about injuries

Best Snowboard and Ski Helmets for Kids Reviews

1. Giro Launch Combo Kids Snow Helmet

Giro being a big company, produces quality ski helmets for kids with a wide range of varieties to choose from. Giro Launch Combo Kids Snow Helmet is one of them and is well designed to be used by kids. It has a variety of colors to choose from that will be exciting to your baby.

Giro helmet has a fit system that makes it convenient to dial in a custom fit in seconds even when wearing gloves. At the base of the helmet, is an ego-friendly dial that provides up to 6 cm adjustment and also enhance stability. The vertical tuning feature can accommodate different googles and head shapes without leaving a space between the google and the helmet.

It also has cool vents at the top of the helmet that allows hot air out with soft liner and earpads that keeps your baby comfortable without sweating.

Additionally, it comes with googles that is well designed to fit seamlessly and also matches with the helmet hence making your kid look classy. It also has a double layer face foam with anti-fog coating that will keep the lens free of fog.

Before purchasing, ensure to measure your child’s head in order to buy the right size. Comes in a size extra small that fits head between 48.5-52 cm.


  • Comes with a matching google.
  • Has anti-fog coating.
  • Has an adjustable band.


  • The ear pads are not removable.

2. Outdoormaster KELVIN Ski Helmet

With kids in mind, be sure to buy the safest snowboard and ski helmets for their safety. With Outdoormaster KELVIN Ski Helmet, you don’t have to worry since its certified by the ASTM. having reinforced ABS shell and shock absorbing EPS core, its perfectly built for comfort and safety.

Since babies’ heads are not the same size, this helmet can be adjusted for a perfect fit. For a perfect match, it comes in 9 different colors, that have a matte finishing hence easy to clean. The ear pads and inner liner that is made of fleece, can easily be removed for easy cleaning.

When skiing, the kids will sweat a lot and it can be uncomfortable for them. To solve that issue, outdoormaster helmet is equipped with 14 vents for ventilation thus offering hours of comfortable skiing.

It comes in different sizes which are, small (48-52 cm), medium (52-58 cm), large (56-61 cm) and is made of EPS material. To get the perfect size of the helmet, measure with a tape measure around the widest part of the head at the forehead


  • Has a matte finishing hence easy to clean.
  • Is ASTM certified.
  • Easily adjustable.


  • The vents at the top cannot be closed in case of cold weather.

3. JetBlaze Ski Helmet

For maximum protection, it consists of two reinforced layers that provides protection from the inside out. the strong ABS material used, provides protection from outside while the inner shell is made of high-quality EPS foam that absorbs shock by your head from inside and this is our main reason of recommending this helmet. Additionally, it fully complies with EN1077 and is certified by the ASTM safety standards.

The presence of 12 vent holes, allows you to control airflow to suit the ambient temperature. The vents pull moisture to the back allowing fresh air to the front, which helps keep the goggles clear and also helps maintains a balanced and comfortable temperature. This also makes it possible for you to explore different ski locations.

The ventilation holes in the ear pads, makes you hear clearly for safe skiing. The liner and ear pads are removable for easy cleaning.

Can easily be adjusted for a seamless fit by turning the glove-friendly dial with your thumb making the semi-flexible shell to either expand or close around your head. It perfectly fits all head shapes.

With a weight of 1.2 lbs, its light in weight therefore comfortable to wear and is available in different sizes (small, medium and large) and comes with a one-year warranty in case of any fault.


  • Certified by the ASTM.
  • Comes with a one-year warranty.
  • The vents at the top can be closed when it’s extremely cold.


  • The tightening mechanism can break although it was reported by one user only.

4. Retrospec Traverse H3 Youth Ski and Snowboard Helmet

Not only is it certified by the EN 1077: 2007 for snowboard and ski helmets, but it is also certified by CPSC 16 CFR, part 1203 for bicycle helmet so you don’t need to purchase two helmets. The exterior is made of hard, high quality ABS material that protects your baby against bruises while the interior is made of EPS foam that absorbs any shock that may occur thus ensuring your kid is safe all the time. To regulate temperature for the kids’ comfort, it has 10 air vents.

In most scenarios, kids have lost their googles when going down the mountain when using bad designed helmet. But in this case, Retrospec Traverse H3 Youth Ski and Snowboard Helmet has a durable rear google clip that keeps your child’s google safe and secure.

In order to fit all kids with different head sizes, it features an adjustable chin strap that ensures a custom fit without leaving spaces. It also consists of plush earmuffs that provides comfort and warmth.


  • Has a durable rear google clip.
  • Certified by CPSC 16 CFR.
  • Can be used as skiing, snowboard or bicycle helmet.


  • Most users complained that the helmet circumference is not adjustable.
  • Seems too tight at the ears for some users.

5. VELAZZIO Valiant Ski and Snowboard Helmet

For comfort purposes, the dial-button at the back ensures an effortlessly perfect fit. The vent on the top is adjustable and slides to let you change on how much heat you want to let out. Another great feature that offers comfort is the presence of liner and ear pads that are removable and washable to keep off bad odor. When in use, they provide superior comfort and keeps you warm in cold days.

It also ensures there is no gap between the child’s helmet and the googles.

The earphone space is well designed within the ear pads so that the kid can comfortably enjoy music as he/she goes on skiing. To assemble the ear pad, insert the arrow-end of the pads inside the seam between ABS shell and EPS foam then snap the buttons to secure.

For safety, it is made from a combination of EPS foam and high-impact ABS shell that provides protection against knocks and falls, additionally, it is certified by the ASTM 2040 and CE EN 1077.

Its light in weight (1.47 lb) and therefore won’t add any weight on you and comes in different sizes which include; extra small (51-53 cm), small (53-55 cm), medium (56-59 cm), and large (59-61 cm).


  • Can be adjusted to fit different head sizes.
  • Has removable and washable ear pads.
  • Has an earphone space.


  • Not available in xl size which could fit big size head.

6. Smith Optics Zoom Junior Helmet

To make sure that your kid is comfortable all through, it features a super soft lining that won’t scratch the baby’s skin which later cause irritation. It also has 2 airevac ventilation that’s ensures airflow climate control.

Since kids easily loose googles when going down the mountain, Smith Optics Zoom Junior Helmet features a removable google lock that ensures the googles stay in place during the activities while the adjustable dial fit system, ensures that the helmet fits seamlessly.

With a weight of 12 oz, its light in weight and hence comfortable on the baby and comes in different sizes for perfect fit of all head sizes.

It is certified by the ASTM and therefore no worries of quality when purchasing this helmet.


  • Certified by the ASTM.
  • Features a removable google lock.
  • Light in weight.


  • The sizes might be a bit bigger but that means that it will grow with the child.

7. Lucky Bum Adult Snow Ski Helmet

Having the word adult doesn’t mean it’s limited to adults only. It comes in different sizes that can fit kids for maximum fun of your whole family. Being a well-designed helmet, its stylish, durable, comfortable and functional.

Being made from two materials makes it perform like a charm. The inside is made from strong ABS material for protection, warmth and absorbing shock while the outside layer is made from EPS material for maximum protection against knocks and falls. Apart from that, it meets EN1077 standards and therefore can be easily trusted. It features detachable ear pads and drop liners that you can customize according to how much warmth you need. The liners are removable and can be washed.

A padded chin strap is available to ensure that it doesn’t bring discomfort to the kid during skiing or snowboarding. It also features a google loop for the safety of the baby’s googles. For matching purposes and meeting the choice of the color that your baby wants, its available in different colors.

Since some companies’ products are defective and may sometimes not work as desired, Lucky Bum Adult Snow Ski Helmet products are durable without defects and that’s why it comes with a limited lifetime warranty which protects against defects in workmanship or materials.

Available in size small (55-56 cm), medium (57-58 cm), large (56-60 cm), x-large (61 cm).


  • Has a limited lifetime warranty
  • Can be adjusted for a custom fit
  • Has removable and washable liners


  • The front of the helmet might be too low for big googles.

8. Turboske Ski and Snowboard Helmet

For a helmet to be considered safe for use, it has to meet the set safety standards. Turboske Ski and Snowboard Helmet, is one of them since it has undergone the safety tests and fully complies with USA ASTM F-2040 safety standards.

For proper ventilation, air can come up through from the bottom of googles and flow up through the holes in the top of the googles and into ventilation holes in the brim of the helmet, and then be exhausted out at the back or top of the helmet.

The removable ear pad features an audio storage slot that is compatible with all aftermarket helmet audio systems. The inner part of the helmet has a fleece lining that can be removed and washed after a hiking day.

No matter the shape of your head, this helmet will snugly fit you since it has an adjustable dial. The premium design removable padding is not only comfortable but also supportive. It made using the latest in-mold construction technology which is a thin shell (unlike the thick ABS material) hence light in weight.

With different head sizes, this great helmet comes in different sizes which includes, small (51-55 cm), medium (55-59 cm), and large (59-63 cm).


  • Light in weight and durable.
  • Can be adjusted to custom fit.
  • Certified by the ASTM.


  • The elastic holding the google might be less secure to some users.

9. GROTTICO Ski-Snow Helmet

As a family, you most probably would like matching the helmets. And that’s why GROTTICO Ski-Snow Helmet manufactures helmets with different sizes which includes small size for kids (50-54 cm), medium for youth (55-58 cm), large for adults (59-61 cm) and each size can be adjusted for a perfect fit.

The inside of the helmet has a cozy plush liner that keeps your heard warm and is equipped with 13 individual vents that ensures you have the right temperature always. The inner side is made of reinforced ABS shell and has shock-absorbing EPS core.

Its well designed with fixing straps that makes the google more stable and in place as you go down the mountain. It features removable ear pads and liner that can be easily washed.

Since skiing and snow boarding is risky, you ought to buy certified helmets for maximum protection. Grottico helmets are cautiously made and meets ASTM F2040 and F1446 standards. In case of any fault or poor workmanship, it has a 30 days full refund.


  • Certified by the US safety certification.
  • Comes packed in a bag.
  • Quite affordable.


  • If the ear pad is not properly inserted, it won’t stay in place.

10. LANOVAGEAR Ski Helmet

One of the most important things we keep in mind when thinking about kids is safety. LANOVAGEAR Ski Helmet also keeps that in mind and that’s why their helmets are made of strong ABS material on the inner side and EPS material on the outer side for maximum protection. It is certified by the CE and the ASTM and meets EN1077 standards.

For improved comfort and safety, the helmet can be adjusted for a perfect fit. It is also equipped with a soft inner layer for warmth and comfort that can be removed and washed effortlessly. The presence of google loops enhances stability on the googles such that they can’t fall hence no worry of losing them. A soft and sweat-absorbent chin strap is also available for added protection.

To ensure you get the right size of helmet, measure the circumference of the kids head with a tape measure. It is available in size small (50-54 cm), medium (55-58 cm), and large (59-61 cm).


  • Has a google loop.
  • Can be adjusted for a perfect fit.
  • Very sturdy, stylish and comfortable.


  • Has no audio.

Tips to Consider When Choosing the Best Snowboard Ski Helmets for Kids

since skiing and snow boarding can cause injuries, you have to be very professional when choosing a helmet for your kids. With these tips that ill highlight, you will not need further research when purchasing a helmet.

Material of the helmet.

In this case we are protecting the kids head which is very delicate. That’s why you have to makes sure that the ski helmets for kids are made of sturdy material such that even if the kids falls, the helmet wont break, neither will the kid be bruised. The inner of the helmet should be soft for comfort and warmth in cold days.


To perfectly measure you kids head, simply wrap a tape measure at the widest part of the head to get the exact size such that when purchasing a helmet, you will just add one inch to get the exact size.

Adjustable straps

Ensure to helmets for kids with adjustable circumference and chin strap. This is to make sure that it will grow with the kid and can also be made smaller in case it’s too big.

Other Features

Some other important features you ought to consider are:

  • Removable ear pads and liner for easy cleaning.
  • Ventilation vents to prevent sweating.
  • Google loop to prevent the google from getting lost.

Wrap Up

It is not a hard task to get the right helmet for your little baby. You just have to follow this review to the latter. Protect those little angels head from injuries which may even be fatal. Most of these snowboard and ski helmets for kids are affordable and can easily be purchased online.

Now its up to you to decide on which helmet to purchase after going through this review.

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