Top 10 Best Sippy Cups For Breastfed Babies (2021 reviews)

Do you want to transition your baby from using milk bottles to normal cups? Well, you will have to train your baby how to use a normal cup through sippy cups. Some sippy cups have straws, nipples and others are almost like normal cups but they help train your baby to use cups. The market has been flooded with so many baby cups such that it can be hectic to choose the best. Some can be leaking while others can be spilling liquid every now and then.

To assist you get the best sippy cups for breastfed babies, we have done our research, reviewed customers reviews and came up with the following top best sippy cups.

Best Sippy Cups for Breastfed Babies Reviews

1. Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup

Best spill proof

Can you imagine how messy toddlers can be? Can you also imagine, a situation where you have a cup that doesn’t spill on your diaper bag not even when inverted? That magical cup is Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup. This is a sippy cup that closes automatically when the child is not using it, or even when inverted creating a leak proof seal.

Since it’s a 360-degree cup, the baby can easily drink from it anywhere around the rim just like a normal cup, thus helping support normal muscle development in a baby’s mouth.

With no extra straws, valves or pieces, this 7-ounce cup is easy to use, maintain and clean since it can be washed in a dish washer at the top rack.

For safety measures, this sippy cup for breastfed babies should not be used in a microwave or with hot liquids. Carbonated beverages or pulpy juices should also not be used in this cup. It’s free of BPA and other harmful chemicals and can be used by babies from six months and above.


  • Automatically locks when not in use.
  • It has a 360-degree drinking edge.
  • Easy to clean with no extra pieces.


  • Cannot be used to take carbonated beverages.

2. Re-Play Sippy Cups

Best Training Cup

We are all aware that babies are usually delicate and their well-being is our first priority. Having that in mind, you have to ensure that the baby products you purchase are safe to be used by babies. In this case, Re-Play Sippy Cups are free of harmful chemicals like BPA, phthalate and PVC. The material used is FDA approved and to further protect the environment, the sippy cups are 100% recyclable in case you want to dispose them.

These cups are thick and hard textured plastic to withhold everyday use without breakages. And because there is no surface coatings, this bottle will go a long way and will never peel or fade. They are easy to clean since they are dish washer safe. To guarantee you that this is the right sippy cup for your baby, they can be refrigerated, boiled, used in a freezer and is even microwave safe. In case you have limited storage space, they can be stacked together.

Being spill proof cups, they cannot leak the liquid and each bottle has a capacity to hold 10 ounces.


  • Safe for environment since they can be recycled.
  • Spill-proof.
  • Dish washer, freezer, fridge and microwave safe.
  • Does not fade.


  • Can leak if dropped hard.

3. Philips Avent My Bendy Straw Cup

Best Straw Cup

To ensure healthy oral development, this sippy cup is recommended by dentists because it has a short straw that encourages natural tongue movement and swallowing process. This is because some transition bottles may damage your child teeth.

With babies, you have to carry milk or water when going out. Therefore, you need bottles that can’t leak since no one wants to mess their diaper bag. Philips Avent My Bendy Straw Cup is highly recommended since it’s 100% leak proof due to the integrated anti-leak valve with a money back guarantee within 30 days if its leak. That’s good news, right? The bended straw makes sure your baby enjoys milk to the last drop.

Hygiene is a priority when it comes to babies. This sippy cup for breastfed babies is dish washer safe with easy to clean parts. To ensure your baby is safe, this cup is free of harmful chemicals like BPA.

In case you misplace the bottle, the parts can be compatible with all Philips avent bottles and sippy cups excluding the glass bottles. It comes as a pack of two bottles each holding 10 ounces.


  • Compatible with Philips Avent bottles and sippy cups.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Has unchewable straw.


  • Can be difficult to suck for some kids.

4. NUK Disney Large Learner Sippy Cup

Best Transition From Bottles

Babies cannot use milk bottles forever. And that’s where NUK Disney Large Learner Sippy Cup comes in. It’s one of the most recommended when it comes to transition from bottles to cups since it has a manageable flow and liquid can only come out when sucked. This also makes it 100% spill-proof so you don’t have to worry about messing your diaper bag when enjoying your vacation.

Most babies swallow unwanted air when feeding which makes them have colic and gassy tummies. With this sippy cup, you don’t have to stress yourself since it has air vents that reduces air intake. For the safety of the baby gums, the spout is 100% silicone making it soft for the baby.

The removable handles are anti-slip, with an easy grip making it easy for the baby to hold. It’s easy to use and is dish washer safe. Has a capacity to hold 10 ounces.


  • Dish washer safe.
  • Has removable anti-grip handles.
  • Has air vents that reduces air intake.


  • Might be hard for some babies to suck.

5.The First Years Take & Toss Sippy Cups

Best Economical Cups

Do you have a tendency of losing sippy cups every now and then such that you prefer those that are not expensive but still worth? Look no further! These toddlers’ sippy cups come as a pack of six with vibrant colors and are very affordable. In case of misplacement of the sippy cups, the lids are also compatible with most of take & toss cups.

Being affordable doesn’t mean they are not safe for your baby! These sippy cups are free of harmful chemicals like BPA and phthalate. They are strong and durable to with hold everyday use yet affordable enough to be used as disposables. To keep the environment clean, the disposable cups can also be recycled.

The lids are valve free to make cleaning easier and are dish washer safe. They can also be stacked together to save on space. In case you want to travel, no worries of spillage since the package comes with a bonus travel cap.

Each cup is 7 oz in size and are transparent such that you can see the amount of drink that is left inside.


  • A pack of six with exciting colors that baby will love.
  • Very affordable.
  • Spill-proof.
  • Dish washer safe.


  • If it falls on the floor, the lid comes off thus spilling the liquid on the floor.

6. Dr. Browns Sippy Spout Baby Bottle

Best sippy spout

Before a baby learns how to use a normal cup, you have to teach him/her with a bottle that has a sippy spout to avoid messes. Dr. Browns Sippy Spout Baby Bottle, is highly recommended since it has a soft spout that favors the baby’s gum. The easy to hold removable handles are 100% silicon therefore soft for the baby. They are also wide and fits most wide bottles and sippy cups.

Babies can easily get sick if their utensils are not well cleaned and sterilized. To avoid this, this sippy baby bottle is dish washer safe (top rank) and can also be sterilized.

This bottle has a capacity to hold 9 ounces and are suitable for babies six months and above. For safety measures, its free of BPA material which is not safe for baby’s health.


  • The handle fits most wide bottles and sippy cups.
  • Dish washer safe.
  • Removable handle for easy cleaning.


  • Might be a fast-flow to some kids.

7. Philips Avent My Natural Drinking Cup

Dentist Recommended

This 360-degrees cup allows healthy oral development with a lip-activated spout-less technology, therefore highly recommended by dentists.

Philips Avent My Natural Drinking Cup is spill proof since the liquid can only flow out when the child’s lip is pressed down and the valve shuts down when there is no pressure applied. With no spouts or straws, the baby can drink from any edge thus making it an easy transition to regular cups. The handle has an easy grip that makes it easy for the toddler to handle while drinking independently.

Being a BPA-free cup its safe to be used by babies and toddlers. With extra pieces which can easily be assembled or disassembled, it is easy to hand clean with soapy water and is also dish washer safe. This two pack holds 9 ounces in each bottle and is suitable for kids above nine months since it has a fast flow to avoid choking.


  • Spill proof.
  • 360-degree cup so baby can drink from any edge.
  • Pediatrician recommended.


  • If pressed accidentally, the drink can spill.

8. Thinkbaby All-In-One Baby Care Set

Grows With Your Baby

Are you on a budget? Are You feeling like you won’t be able to buy milk bottles every now and then, yet you want your baby to enjoy? Here comes the best deal. This package contains; 2 stage A nipples ,2 stage B nipples, two 9 oz bottle bases, 2 travel tops, 2 stage C sippy spouts and 2 stage D thinkster tops. This means that you will get nipples for small babies and still get sippy spouts that will help transition your baby from bottles to normal cups. Thinkbaby All-In-One Baby Care Set will cater for your baby needs from newborn to over four years of age.

To avoid colic, this sippy bottle has a cross-cut design which helps in cutting out air when feeding. It has handles for easier holding when the baby is feeding independently. The travel top prevents dirt from coming into contact with the sippy spouts and minimizes spillage.

To guarantee of its safety, its free of BPA, PVC, lead, phthalate and other harmful chemicals. Its easy to hand wash with warm soapy water and is also dish washer safe.


  • A great package to cater your baby from newborn till toddler age.
  • Dish washer safe.
  • Has two travel tops to minimize spillage.


  • The vents get clogged in with milk.
  • The sippy nipples are not vented.

9. Baby Breezer Transition Sippy Cup

Easy To Clean

With babies, you always have to avoid spills to avoid accidents. This sippy cup will work for you since its 100% leak and spill proof. The removable and easy to grip handles makes it easy for your baby to hold thus minimizing on spills. To ensure it doesn’t interfere with the development of baby’s gum, its soft, comfortable and easy to use on baby tiny mouth.

Since babies can easily swallow unwanted air which makes them have colic, this sippy cup has a truflo vent system, that minimizes air as the baby feeds.

To maintain hygiene, Baby Breezer Transition Sippy Cup has a wide opening that makes it easy to wash. It can also be cleaned in a dish washer and sterilized in an electric steam. Babies health is a priority to each one of us and that’s why this transition sippy cup is made of sturdy polypropylene which is free of harmful chemicals like BPA.


  • Dish washer safe.
  • Leak-proof.
  • Light in weight since its 5 ounce only.


  • The nipple inverts sometimes when the baby is sucking.
  • The handles spin around.

10. MAM Trainer Cup

Best For Boys,

To save on some cash, this trainer cup minimizes your budget by providing a free nipple and a soft spout, to enable your baby transition from sucking to drinking, without having to purchase another bottle. The nipple and spout are non-spill therefore no worries of messes. Additionally, it comes with a cap that prevents spills and protects the spout or nipple from dirt. the handles are durable and easy to grip to enable your child drink effortlessly independently.

For easy cleaning, MAM Trainer Cup has a wide opening to enable you access the interior easily. The handle is also removable for easier cleaning.

Safety always comes first, and in this case, we are looking at the material used to make this 8 oz trainer cup. It is free of BPA and BPS which are not safe chemicals. It also exceeds both U.S and European safety standards making it a trusted product.


  • Comes with a nipple and spout.
  • Has non-slip handles.
  • Wide opening for easy cleaning.


  • Cannot be self-sterilized.

Buyers Guide

After analyzing all these sippy cups, some may still wonder how to know which cup to buy. Before purchasing a sippy cup for a breastfed baby or toddler, you need to consider some factors of which am going to explain them to you below.


Babies are always messy. They tend to drop items when angry or even when playing. To avoid messes when feeding, always opt for a spill-proof or leak-proof sippy cup. The durable and sturdy cups don’t spill liquid even when drop on the floor since they don’t open apart. Consider them since they will save you so much headache.


Baby’s health is our first priority and should never be compromised no matter what. As they say, cheap is always expensive. Confirm the materials used to make the cup before purchase since some chemicals like the BPA and PVC among others can be harmful.


Some sippy cups have handles while others don’t. according to our research, sippy cups with handles are easier to be used by a toddler than those without. But this also depend on the age of the child. While at it, the handles should be easy to grip to enable the child feed independently effortlessly.

Hard or soft spout

This will depend on the age of the baby. Older babies can easily bite the soft spout and some can even swallow those particles which can likely harm them. Older babies should use hard spouts while younger ones should use soft spouts.

Size of the bottle.

The size of the bottle should go hand in hand with the age of the baby. You don’t have to buy big sippy cups for small babies, since it will be hectic for them to use and will make it even more harder for them to transition from bottles.

Wrap up

Some babies may refuse to use sippy cups but this doesn’t mean that the cup is bad. Always use the cup before the baby to see if there is any underlying issue. Since babies’ milestones are different, you should let babies use the cups when ready without having to force them. Sippy cups for breastfed babies comes in a wide range and we therefore hope you will get the best for your little precious baby.

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