Best Pull Up Diapers In 2021

Pull up diapers are slightly different from the normal diapers. Pull up diapers are worn as a pant while normal diapers are tightened at the waist. Normal diapers are suitable for small babies while pull up diapers are best for toddlers as they are the best for potty training. When potty training you have to be keen so that the baby wont mess on his clothes. That’s why best pull up diapers come in handy as you just pull them down.

They are easy to use and dispose. When removing them, you just have to tear the side apart and roll it well then put it in the diaper pail. Since there are so many pull up diapers in the market, I researched the best pants that will work for your potty-training baby. Let’s have a look!

Best Pull Up Diaper Pants 2020 Reviews

1. Goodnites Bedwetting Underwear

Apart from being used during the day for potty training, they are also perfect for night time. They are well designed such that the baby can’t wet their bed sheets or clothes. The absorbency rate is very high as they are well manufactured with 5-layer protection where it is needed most. The pull up diapers also has double leg barriers to help prevent leakages. You don’t have to worry about messes. There are two types of goodnites diapers because one is specially made for boys and the other one for girls. This ensures you get the diaper that will work for you.

You don’t have to worry if it will custom fit your baby. This is because the waist is made of stretchy waistband that ensures the diaper fits your baby like an underwear and is perfect for all body shapes. The best features about goodnites diapers is the fact that it comes in various sizes and can be used by babies between 28-125+ lbs.

When it comes to material, it is very soft on the kid’s skin. It has no prohibited chemicals and discreetly absorbs odor while still offering maximum protection.


  • Can be used by kids from 28-125+ lbs.
  • Has a custom fit like that of an underwear.
  • Stretchy waistband to fit all body shapes.
  • Has a 5-layer protection.
  • Can be used for both potty training and bed wetting toddlers.


  • If you have a boy and a girl, you have to purchase two separate diapers as they are not the same.

2. Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants

It doesn’t matter if your babies have different body shapes, with pampers easy ups training pants, they will be sorted as it has a 360 degrees stretchy waistband. This makes it custom fit like an underwear which also prevents leakages if used at night. Another advantage of a stretchy waistband is that it’s easy for the toddler to pull the pant up and down when potty training. It also comes in different sizes so you don’t have to worry if your kid is big. They accommodate kids between 16-40+ lbs.

Pampers easy ups can also be used during the night as it has extra absorbing channels which provide powerful protection against leakages. Most leakages happen at the legs and that’s why easy ups has leak-guard barriers at such places where leakages happen most.

The material used is very soft with a cotton underwear feel. This ensures that it does not irritate the kid’s skin. After using, it’s easy to remove as you just tear the side apart, roll it then dispose.

For toddlers, it will be fun to use this pull up diapers as it has pj masks cartoon on the package and most kids love cartoons.


  • Comes in different sizes.
  • Has a very soft feel on the toddler’s skin.
  • Easy to tear when changing.
  • Has a compact fit.


  • Hard to know which side is front or back.

3. Pull-Ups Training Pants

Pull-ups pants comes in two designs. One specially designed for boys and another one for girls. This ensures there is no leakages as they are well designed according to their anatomy. To prevent leakages, use the correct diaper according to gender.

Due to their designs, you can also use them during the night as they prevent leakages. There is also extra absorbency with leak protection in areas that can leak especially around the legs.

One great feature we like about pull-ups training pants is that they have refastenable sides which enables you to customize the waistband. This ensures you get a custom fit to prevent leakages. After using, it’s easy to remove as you just tear the side apart.

Pull-ups also have experts’ articles, tips and potty-training resources which enables your kid learn potty training much easily. It also has a Disney mickey mouse graphics that fades when wet to help your toddler learn easily.

Pull-ups pants comes in different sizes to accommodate kids of all body shapes. The smallest lbs. it can hold is 14 up to 50 lbs.


  • They have refastenable waist band for a custom fit.
  • Can hold toddlers up to 50 lbs.
  • Pull-ups brand helps with potty training tips.
  • It has a mickey mouse graphics that fades when wet to help your child learn easily.


  • You have to buy different packs for boys and girls although they are specially designed to prevent leakages.

4. The Honest Company Toddler Training Pants

Honest training pants are made of ecofriendly materials. The materials are made of bio-based core with plant derived materials and sustainably harvested fluff pulp. This means that the training pants are soft and delicate on the baby’s skin. Just like their name, their honest purpose is to create safe and effective products.

With a custom fit like that of an underwear, there will be no leakages. Also, due to the liquid-locking core and the moisture barrier cuffs, they can be used overnight as it also prevents leakages especially at the legs where most leakages happen.

With different sizes of pants, they can be used by babies to toddlers up to over 40lbs. The number of pants in each package decreases as the size goes up.


  • Can be used by toddlers up to slightly over 40 lbs.
  • Are free of harmful chemicals.
  • Has liquid-locking channels to avoid leakages.


  • The pants are a bit bigger than other brands.

5. Seventh Generation Potty Training Pants

Since babies have sensitive skin, seventh generation pants are specially made for babies. With 0% chlorine bleaching and fragrances, and also being clinically proven, you can be sure that it won’t bring rashes on your toddler’s skin. The materials used are soft to the baby’s skin.

With different sizes, all toddlers are sorted as it can accommodate toddlers with over 40 lbs. The waist is also stretchy for a custom fit. They are unisex meaning both boys and girls can use the same pants. With absorbency channels, they can be used both daytime and night time as they are ready for life’s surprises.

They are well designed such that you can differentiate the front from back. When changing you just tear the sides apart, roll and dispose in a diaper pail.


  • Can be used by both boys and girls.
  • Can be used by toddlers up to slightly over 40lbs.
  • Has no fragrances or chlorine.


  • Back side might be smaller to some kids.

6. BIG ELEPHANT Unisex-Baby Training Pants

Sometimes, you may not have cash to buy disposable pull up diapers. Or, you may just want to use cotton pant. With big elephant pants you will be sorted until your baby learns how to use the potty. They come in a pack of 6 cotton pants with unique designs which you will definitely love.

With 6 layers, you can be sure that it is absorbent enough more than other washable pants. The inner padded lining ensures there is no leakages in case the baby messes on herself. The absorbent interlining is comfortable to the baby’s skin.

With an elastic waist, it can accommodate both big and small babies. The elastic is well covered for the comfort of your baby. It also makes it easy for the baby to remove or wear the pant on her own.

Although it can be machine washed, handwash is highly recommended for durability.


  • It’s an economic pack as you just buy once.
  • Can be used by both boys and girls.
  • Can be machine washed.
  • Comes in different sizes which can accommodate toddlers of all ages.


  • If used at night you have to add another lining for absorbency.

Wrap up

As you can see, pull up diapers or pants are the best for potty training as the kid can remove it by herself. What you just need to know is the perfect size that will fit your baby to avoid leakages when she messes herself. Most pants can also be used during the night as they have high absorbency. It’s not really hard to get the best pants for your baby, just choose from the list above and also read other customers reviews to get the best pull up diapers.

According to our research, we can recommend Goodnites Bedwetting Underwear as they have high absorbency and can be used big kids.



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