Top 10 Best Protein Powders for Pregnancy

During pregnancy, eating protein is important for the growth of your growing baby because lack of it can affect their growth rate. But then, you should not consume too much protein you just need to take enough. The most important thing about protein powders, is that even if you have nausea or you don’t feel like eating, these powders can make you stay full for quite some time. Choosing the best powder is key for good health.

In this review, I’ll explain the best protein powders that are good for your growing baby and what you need to consider when buying protein shakes for pregnancy.

Best Protein Powders for Pregnancy Review

1. Vital Proteins Collagen Protein Powder Supplement

Best for skin joints

During pregnancy, you ought to eat what the baby needs most. In most cases the nausea takes the better part of the mom and you are unable to eat well. This is where protein powders comes in. vital proteins collagen protein powder supplement, is one of the best powder due to the presence of collagen. Collagen helps give structure to skin, hair, tendons, cartilage, bones and joints.

With no restrictions on the time to take it, it’s simple to use since its hydrolyzed and easily dissolves in your favorite liquids be it hot or cold. This includes coffee, smoothies, soups, oatmeal and many more.

Due to the absence of sugar in this powder, it a great option for persons who want to minimize their sugar intake and is also free of gluten and dairy.

It comes in a can weighing 10 oz and provides 20 g collagen in each serving.


  • Helps in the growth of hair.
  • Helps strengthen the bones and joints.
  • Dissolves in both hot and liquid beverages.


  • Has a taste which may not be appealing.

2. Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Powder

Plant based protein powders are the best since they cannot cause allergy. When taking protein, always take the right quantity to get the needed protein. In each serving, orgain organic plant-based protein powder will provide you with 21 g of organic plant-based protein (pea, brown rice, chia seeds) 6 g of organic dietary fiber, 4 g of net carbs 150 calories and is fully free of sugar.

Its easy to use since you just mix with milk or any liquid of your choice. Additionally, it can be used when baking to give your cakes or cookies a protein and energy boost and can comfortably be used by kids, men and women.

Healthy powders are the key to good health and that’s why orgain protein powder is free of gluten, soy, artificial colors and preservatives. For confirmation that its one of the safest protein powders to use, its certified by the regulatory affairs 2018.

To ensure that you don’t interfere negatively with the nutritional value, never use it on a microwave.


  • No artificial flavors or colors.
  • No stomach issues reported by the users.
  • Easy to mix.


  • Doesn’t have a good taste.

3. Dymatize Iso 100 Hydrolyzed Protein Powder

Being packed in a can of 5lb, this protein powder contains 76 servings and that’s a good amount to last you for a while. In each serving, you will be enriched with 25g of protein, 5.5g of branched chain amino acids, 2.7g of leucin and less than a gram of sugar and fat. Its free of gluten and has less than 0.5g of lactose and sweeteners.

For added strength and muscles, this will work for you since its fast-absorbing and hydrolyzed with 110-120 calories. Iso 100 will support you in your keto diet, low carb diet and high protein diet.

Dymatize Iso 100 Hydrolyzed Protein Powder, will help you with the protein that the baby needs for its growth. Even if you are working out, it will perfectly work for you.

This particular powder comes in different flavors like chocolate, cinnamon bun, peanut butter chocolate and many more. You just have to choose the flavor that will work for you.


  • Comes in different flavors.
  • No bloating after using.
  • Contains 76 servings.


  • Contains sugar and fat although it’s less than 0.5 g

4. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein Powder

With four different sizes to choose from (1, 2, 5, 10pounds), you will always buy the package that is within your budget. This particular can is 4.63 pound with 24g of whey protein and 5.5g of naturally occurring BCAAs and consists of 68 servings with over 4g of glutamine and glutamic acid in each serving.

Amino acids in proteins are the building blocks of muscles protein synthesis. Its best consumed in the morning, before or after exercise.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein Powder, comes in more than 20 flavors to choose from so no one is excluded in this powder. You just have to choose your favorite flavor. Cake butter is the most purchased flavor and can be recommended for a first-time user. Another advantage is that it doesn’t form lumps when mixing.


  • Doesn’t form lumps when mixing.
  • Has more than 20 flavors.
  • Affordable.


  • There might be imitated gold standard powder in the market but you can scan the QR code to get the original one.

5. Orgain Grass Fed Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides Protein Powder

Most people prefer unflavored protein powder as the flavors may not be appealing to them. In this case, you can never go wrong with Orgain Grass Fed Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides Protein Powder since its odorless and tasteless. Its free of gluten, dairy, lactose, sugar and soy and the presence of amino acids make it keto friendly.

During pregnancy, the joints may become weak since the baby might be taking what it needs from your body. But you don’t have to worry anymore since this protein powder will strengthen the joints, hair, nails and will give you a radiant skin. It also boosts metabolism and will improve your digestion. It can easily be mixed in any food or drink.

To make it a trusted brand, it is certified by the regulatory affairs 2018. Even when not feeling like eating, it should not be a hassle as this powder will make you stay full for a while.


  • It’s tasteless and odorless.
  • Certified by the regulatory affairs 2018.
  • Dairy and gluten free.
  • Makes you stay full for some time.


  • Those who love flavors might not like its taste.

6. Ascent Native Fuel Whey Protein Powder

As a pack of 4 lb. with 54 servings, Ascent Native Fuel Whey Protein Powder, will take you for a long time and provide you with the protein that the baby needs. Each serving will provide you with 25g of protein, 5.7g of naturally occurring BCAAs, 2.7g of leucine and 12g essential amino acid.

 It is safe since it’s made with the native whey which is the least processed whey. With no artificial ingredients added in this powder, its easy to digest and is perfect to be taken after workout for muscle repair and recovery.

For safety purposes, it is certified gluten free and informed choice certified.


  • No artificial ingredients added.
  • It’s tested and is free of any banned substances.
  • Gluten free.


  • Might be too strong since it gives 25 g of protein per scoop.

7. Levels 100% Grass Fed Whey Protein

For every serving you take, Levels 100% Grass Fed Whey Protein will provide you with 24g of pure chocolate whey, 5.4g BCAAs with no added sugars. This will definitely help you with building muscles, enhance fitness, loose weight and improve your overall health. This 5lb can consists of 76 servings.

This protein powder comes from pasture-raised dairy cows that eat a nutrient-rich diverse diet of grass which will create a higher concentration of vitamins, minerals and other beneficial nutrients.

Being made in the USA, it goes through a thorough rigorous testing and meets the highest quality standards. Its free of gluten, soy, hormone, sweeteners with no artificial flavors added. This pure chocolate whey is made with delicious 100% pure cold-pressed cacao and lightly sweetened with monk fruit extract which makes it keto friendly. For added nutrition, it is blended with less than 1% of non-gmo sunflower lecithin making it mix instantly.


  • Can be used in smoothies, coffee, pancakes and other products.
  • Will last for long since it has 76 servings.
  • Has a great taste and mixes well with no lumps.


  • May contain too much lecithin which may cause stomach upsets.

8. VINTAGE BRAWN Protein-Muscle-Building Protein Powder

Whether you are at home or at the gym, this protein powder will make you stay strong since it is made by combining three most-prized protein sources which are eggs, hormone-free milk and USDA beef. This mixture helps in building lean muscles and speeds recovery since its richer and tastier than most protein powders.

VINTAGE BRAWN Protein-Muscle-Building Protein Powder, is well made without artificial substances, preservatives or amino acids which guarantees you that it will definitely work for you. In case of any complaints, you can also get a full refund.

It comes in a can weighing 2.23 pounds with 30 scoops of premium protein weighing 24 grams each which is evenly split to get 8 grams from beef, milk and eggs.


  • Easy to mix and digest.
  • Made from three protein sources.
  • No sugar included.


  • Some users claimed of horrible taste.

9. Raw Organic Whey Protein Powder

With only one ingredient, I believe that Raw Organic Whey Protein Powder will absolutely be your favorite protein powder. It is made from the milk of jersey cows that graze freely on lush, green pastures all year round. These cows are healthy thus producing healthy milk which is rich in omega 3 and CLAs.

Being made from USA, you can easily trust this product as it is free of sweeteners, preservatives, soy and gluten. This cold-processed protein is USDA certified organic and is non-gmo and therefore suitable for you.

This particular package is 5 lb and provides you with 21 g of protein per serving and therefore is good for pregnant moms, aging parents and also for recovery. It mixes well even in cold water without forming lumps.


  • Certified by the USDA
  • Purely organic
  • Mixes effortlessly
  • Has a good taste with no additives.


  • Users complained of the company not providing the USDA certificate.

10. Jarrow Formulas Whey Protein

Being made from native whey, this French vanilla will be your daily protein powder without any worries. With zero artificial ingredients its easy to digest and can be perfect to take after workout.

With a weight of 32oz, it provides you with 17g of protein and 3.8g of naturally occurring BCAAs per serving and this will cater for your needs and the growing baby and also help you build muscles.

Mixes well with beverages without forming lumps and is easy to digest hence no bloating. With no sucralose and aspartame, the taste will be great without leaving a funny taste in your mouth.


  • Has a great taste.
  • Has no artificial additives.
  • Perfect for use after workout.


  • Might not mix well with a spoon.

Protein Powders During Pregnancy-FAQ

Intake of protein during pregnancy is important. But most women are not sure what to take to increase the protein in their bodies. With lack of appetite and taste preferences during pregnancy, it might be hard for you, but with protein powders, your pregnancy journey will be smooth. Here are a few questions that are commonly asked about protein powders.

Can you take protein powder when pregnant?

There is no major concern in taking protein powders when pregnant. They are safe but since pregnancy is a delicate journey, its good to consult with your doctor or midwife to ensure you buy the powder that is safe for you and your baby.

How much protein should I consume during pregnancy?

60 grams is the recommended daily intake of protein. However, in third trimester, it might be as high as 100 grams.

Are protein powders safe when breastfeeding?

Protein powders are safe when breastfeeding since you need a healthy diet that will cater for you and your baby especially a preemie. However, it is recommendable to check with your baby’s pediatrician to ensure to get the right quantity of protein and to choose the best for you and your baby.

How do you take protein powders?

Protein powders can be mixed with beverages and some can still be used when baking. Some can be mixed with hot or cold beverages while others can be mixed by both. Always inquire that before purchasing.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Protein Powders

Source of protein

Protein supplements come from different protein sources. Some can be sourced from milk, eggs and others from collagen. Vegan protein supplements are also available like pea proteins, bean proteins and many more. Always buy what will work for you without allergies.


There are different sweeteners used to sweeten protein powders. But in any case, avoid powders that are sweetened by artificial sugars if possible. The best should always be unsweetened.


There are so many different flavors in the market. Its always good to purchase small cans of different flavors for you to get the flavor that will suit you the best. But it can always be best when you purchase one that is not flavored.

Other Sources of Protein Apart from Protein Powders

Apart from protein powders, you can easily get protein from foods that we consume daily. Food supplements are always the best and you can get them from foods like;




Beans, legumes and lentils


Chicken and turkey

Meat such as beef, pork, etc.

Wrap up

Getting extra protein intake is not a hard task as it seems. You just need to know what works for you and enjoy your pregnancy journey without any worries. Most of these protein powders are affordable and easily available in the markets, in case you find the flavored powders are not going down your throat, you can try the unflavored one or even eat foods that are high in protein as listed above. Since protein is essential for the growth of your baby, you should not take too much of it and you should always consult your pediatrician on the best protein powders for pregnancy.

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