Best Night Light for Nursing in 2021

I can’t imagine a nursing mum without a night light! Let’s view a room without light in our minds. Imagine your baby cries at night, and when you step down to go check on her, you hit the side table and the lamp shade falls plus other things. This means that you will wake everyone else in that house. You will also frighten the baby in that process. as you can see Best night light for nursing is a must-have in every house.

One of the advantages of having night light is that you will be able to latch your baby properly. You will also be able to peep on our baby every now and then. But then, you don’t have to go and get any night light available in the market. Let me show you the best night light suitable for your little baby.

Advantages of Having Night Light for Nursing

  • It will make your diaper changes at night much easier.
  • You will be able to latch your baby well when breast feeding.
  • You can check on your baby anytime to see whether they are sleeping in a safe position.
  • Night light doesn’t have too much light like the normal bulbs which are usually a bother to the baby’s eyes.
  • Most babies cry when they wake up at night and see darkness. Leaving night light on will be soothing to your little baby.

Best Night Light for Nursing 2020 Reviews

1. VAVA Home VA CL-006 Night Lights for Kids

One of the great features to look for when purchasing night light is light that won’t hurt your baby’s eyes. With VAVA home VA CL-006 night lights for kids, you will be sorted as it doesn’t flicker or hurt your baby’s eyes. Its 100% safe as it is made of toy-grade ABS and pc materials.

The base is stable such that it can stand without tippling over. For it to be used, you have to charge it by connecting directly to the micro-usb cable. To avoid damaging the battery, never leave it plugged in for long. The rechargeable battery can last for 200 hours in dimmest light and 6 hours in brightest light. For outdoor use, the bottom button disables touch control and boosts the brightness by 30%

It’s easy to use as you touch the top for a few seconds to enter night light mode for use at night. To set a 1-hour timer, you just tap the logo twice.

Having being made of silicone handle and an IP65 waterproof build, it can be perfectly used for hiking and other outdoor uses. And most of all, the greatest advantage of having this night light is that the SOS mode can signal your kids location in case of an emergency when used outdoor.


  • Doesn’t flicker.
  • Signals kids’ location when used outdoor.
  • Safe to be used both indoor and outdoor.
  • It’s rechargeable.


  • Does not come with a wall plug but a USB cable.

2. Littlehippo Mella Ready to Rise Night Light

It’s not just a night light! It also alerts your baby when to sleep or wake up. I can recommend parents to buy this night light early enough as it will train your baby when to sleep or wake up and therefore your baby will grow with a sleeping routine which is what we admire. Mella night light will also use facial expressions which will be exciting to your baby Yellow color will glow half an hour before the waking time and green color will glow at the exact time of waking up.

It’s also perfect for older children as it has an alarm and silent countdown for timed activities. Littlehippo mella ready to rise night light has three sleep sound options and five-night light colors to soothe your baby to sleep. To ensure you have the right brightness, it comes with 5 brightness settings and 5 volume settings to reduce noise at night.

Being made of ABS and silicone, it is safe to be used by kids. Also, it is approved by FCC.CE.CA65, CPSIA and RoHS. To ensure customers who purchase Mella night light are contented, it comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Made of child safe ABS and silicone.
  • Approved by CE, FCC, CA65 plus other organizations.
  • Has an alarm that can be used by older kids.
  • Can be used by kids of all age groups.


  • It has to be plugged in when in use although it comes with a battery to keep the memory settings.

3. Luckkid Baby Night Light

We all know babies love colorful items. And I’m sure your baby will definitely fall in love with luckkid baby night light. This is because the projector is filled with moons and stars and your baby’s room will look heavenly.

For unique modes of light, it has four colors which are yellow, blue, red and green. I also bet that these colors would be great for weddings and birthday parties. To get the best night light that won’t hurt your baby’s eyes, remove the inner plastic cover and put back the outer one. This will give you warm and soft lights. It’s very easy to use as you will press button A to control white hard light, button B to change light color and button C to control rotation mode.

For it to work, you can choose to use 4 AAA batteries which are not included in the package or a USB cable which is included in the package.


  • Made of safe ABS material.
  • Apart from being used as night light, it can also be used in weddings and parties.
  • You can easily change light color to your liking.


  • No automatic shut off or timer.

4. Night Light for Kids

The exciting part of this night light is the fact that it looks like a puppy. I know babies loves puppies and this won’t be an exception! This puppy-like night light is made of BPA and a washable silicone to keep it clean.

With seven color modes, you can always change to the color you want. The colors are warm and therefore won’t hurt your baby’s eyes.  For it to work, it has rechargeable batteries and can be used for up to 10 hours. To switch the timer mode, you just press the bottom button. Tap once to set 30 minutes mode and twice to set 60 minutes mode. A third tap will turn off the timer. For brightness control, you will touch the sensitive nose.

Since its light in weight and small in size, bigger kids can carry it from room to room or through the hallway. Apart from being used as a night light, it can also be used in parties or given as gifts.


  • Safe cord-free design.
  • Has a 30- and 60-minutes timer.
  • Can be used up to 10 hours after recharge.
  • Uses a rechargeable battery which is included in the package.


  • Cannot last throughout the night if in brightest mode.

5. GE Color-Changing LED Night Lights

One thing I love about this specific night light is that its automatic. This means that it turns on at dusk and turns off at dawn. This reduces energy consumption as you will not forget to turn it off. With 8 vibrant colors, you will just choose the color of your choice. The colors include red, blue, pink, green, yellow, purple, orange and teal. It also has three lighting modes. The first is solid color mode and will let you choose your favorite color. The second one is color changing mode which automatically changes through the available colors. The last one is soft-white mode which lets you opt for one color.

Being designed and ul-listed in the USA, be sure that it is durable and safe to use. For you to use it, you have to connect it to the power. One great advantage is that it comes as a package of two-night lights.


  • Light sensing technology.
  • You can select the color of your choice.
  • Safe and durable.


  • You cannot switch it off unless you disconnect it from power.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Night Light for Nursing

Colors of the light

You have noticed that most of these night lights comes with various colors. Depending on how bright you want your room to be, colors of your room and your favorite color, you will be able to choose one with the colors of your choice.

Source of power

As you have seen some uses batteries while some have to be connected to power or recharged. I can recommend rechargeable ones as you can switch off whenever you want unlike those connected to power. You can also buy one with a timer as it will switch off automatically on your preferred time.

Level of brightness

I usually discourage very bright night lights for baby’s room. This is because it can hurt their eyes. Even you as the parent, it will be hard for you to go back to sleep again after that bright light. Always go for the dimmer lights. Furthermore, all you want is a slight light to enable you breastfeed your baby or change diapers.

Light sensor technology

As a human, I know you forget some things. To avoid forgetting to switch off the night light, purchase one with a sensor such that it will automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn.

Wrap Up

Getting the best night for nursing is essential for your baby. It will also help your baby with good sleeping patterns as most of them have timers. Your baby will also sleep throughout the night as he or she will not be afraid of the dark. It will also make breastfeeding and diaper changes much easier.

After going through these reviews, it will be super easy for you to get the best night light for you and your baby.

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