Best Nerf Guns for Toddlers (2021 reviews)

Before we get to know the best nerf guns for toddlers, maybe I can just give you a brief explanation of what a nerf gun is. A nerf gun, also known as nerf blaster is a toy gun used by kids or even adults. This toy gun fires discs or foam darts. After the foam darts are through, they can be purchased separately from different sources. Although there might be risks when using a nerf gun, it’s always enjoyable as you shoot each other.

Since not all nerf guns are suitable for all age groups, and the market is flooded with many types of these guns, I’ve done a thorough research and came up with the best nerf guns for toddlers. Have a look!

Best Toy Guns for Kids 2020 Reviews

1. Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor

As I said earlier, each toy gun has the recommended age that can use it. When it comes to Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor, only kids above 8 years are recommended to use it. This is just for the safety of the younger kids.

This toy gun has 6 dart rotating drum that holds 6 elite darts. After shooting, the dart can go as far as 90 feet which is also equivalent to 27 meters. You can shoot one dart at a time or shoot all the 6 darts in a rapid succession with the use of slam-fire action.

It’s easy to use as you just pull the side back and then release. You have to check first if the indicator is orange in color before firing.

One feature that parents look for when purchasing a nerf gun is the size. The size of this particular gun is 2.99 x 7.24 x 14.13 inches.


  • Easy to use.
  • The fired dart can go as far as 27 meters.
  • You can fire all six dart at a rapid succession.
  • Light in weight.


  • Has no silencer

2. Nerf Rampage N-Strike Elite Toy Blaster

The best feature about this toy gun is that it has a 25-dart drum meaning it can hold 25 darts which are already included in the package. The darts are constructed of foam with flexible hollow tips. They are also tested and approved of good quality and high performance.

There is nothing enjoyable than seeing darts fly for long distances. Nerf Rampage N-Strike Elite Toy Blaster Darts are capable of flying up to 27 meters (90 feet). It’s easy to use and also has a slam fire action where you can fire your darts rapidly.

The dimensions of this nerf gun for toddlers is 4.45 x 21.3 x 13.43 inches. The manufacturer recommended age of using this gun is from 8 years up to 99 years. The best part of it is that it doesn’t need batteries to work. You just cock and shoot.


  • Comes with 25 darts.
  • Ability to shoot up to 27 meters high.
  • No batteries required.
  • Can be used by kids of 8 years and above.


  • Prone to jamming if you mess up.

3. Nerf CS-18N-Strike Elite Rapistrike

When using this toy gun, it’s easy to see the darts remaining as it is see through such that you won’t have to open the door to check. It is well designed to hold 18 darts and each dart can fly as high as 90 feet. Nerf CS-18N-Strike Elite Rapistrike comes with 18 elite darts, a blaster and 18 dart clips.

This elite dart can work with any N-strike elite blaster, but mostly original N-strike blasters which are sold separately. To avoid jamming the toy gun, always use Hasbro nerf branded darts. You also have to check if the clearing door is fully closed for perfect firing. Apart from just shooting one at a time, you can also fire rapidly.

For it to work, you need 4 c batteries which you will have to purchase separately. The recommended age of using this nerf gun according to the manufacturer is from 6 years up to 99 years. The 6-year-old kid can comfortably use it as it measures 4.02 x 24.49 x 12.76 inches.


  • Holds 18 darts which are included in the package.
  • Can fire up to 90 feet.
  • Can be used by kids as young as 6 years.


  • Requires 4 batteries which are not included in the package.

4. Liberty Imports Mini Foam Dart Blasters

While most nerf guns can be used by bigger kids, Liberty Imports Mini Foam Dart Blasters can be used by kids from as young as 3 years. It comes as a pack of six with very exciting colors which are blue, green, and orange. Each set comes with 6 guns and 36 foam darts.

Since the darts are to be used by small kids, they are soft and made of high-quality foam such that they can’t injure your kid if fired at. Each dart can fly up to 20 feet. The gun is made of high-quality ABS plastic which is safe to be used by kids. Even though they are plastic and cannot fire with too much force, never aim at other people’s face or eyes to avoid injuries.

It’s very easy to use as you just, load darts in, pull the knob back, position and press the trigger. Incase you need extra darts, you can purchase them separately.

The dimensions of this nerf gun is 5 x 1.5 x 4 inches with a weight of 9 ounces.


  • Comes as a pack of 6.
  • Comes with 36 foam darts.
  • Made of high-quality plastic.
  • Certified by the ASTM and CPSC.


  • Even if the darts are soft, they may still harm the kid if fired at.

5. Nerf Star Wars Tobias Beckett Glowstrike

Looking for a nerf gun for your small baby? You are sorted! Just purchase Nerf Star Wars Tobias Beckett Glowstrike and let your baby enjoy as your older kids enjoy theirs too.

This gun comes with 8 glowstrike darts. The enjoyable feature is that it lights and produces sounds as the baby uses it. For it to work, it requires 1 AA battery which is included in the package.

Since babies cannot lift heavy items, this nerf gun weighs only 2.7 pounds with a dimension of 27.5 x 12.5 x 2 inches.

Incase you purchase a faulty gun, you can always return it for an exchange within 30 days.


  • Can be used by small babies.
  • Battery is included in the package.
  • Light in weight.
  • Lights and produces sounds.


  • You will be purchasing batteries every now and then even though not expensive.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Nerf Gun

Age of the kid

As you can see from the reviews above, each gun has the recommended age. It’s wise to purchase the right toy gun to avoid injuries.

Darts available

Although darts can be purchased separately, you can always purchase one with the capacity of holding more darts as you kid will enjoy more than when less.


Considering that it will be used by a kid, whose hand is small, it should be light in weight such that your kid can hold it even with one hand.

Loading process

The loading process should be simple to avoid jamming the gun. The child should be able to load it for her/himself.

Precautions When Using Nerf Guns

  • Never let a kid use nerf gun when unattended.
  • Never aim at a person’s face.
  • Don’t aim it at items. Preferred to be used outside even if inside is still okay.
  • Use the right nerf gun according to the kid’s age.

Wrap Up

Nerf guns are one of the best ways to pass time. Kids and even adults enjoy toy guns as it never goes out of style. It’s also a great way for family bonding. When purchasing the guns, ensure to purchase extra darts so as not to run out of them. Foam bullets are available in many outlets. They are available from many companies but would always advise to purchase nerf bullets as they work perfectly well.

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