Top 10 Best Nap Mats For Toddlers (2021 reviews)

Are you wondering what your kid will sleep on when you go for that vacation, relative visit or when she goes to daycare? It’s okay to worry but worry no more since we have the best nap mats in the market that will solve all your worries.

They are comfortable, easy to use and fold and can be carried anywhere you go.

There are many types in the market and they are not the same, so we have selected the top 10 best nap mats for toddlers that will help you choose the best in terms of durability, size and age of the kid.

How to Choose the Best Nap mats for Toddlers Review

1. Regalo My Cot Portable Bed for Toddlers

One of the reason I highly recommend Regalo My Cot Portable Bed For Toddlers, is because of its durability. Its stands are made of steel and that guarantees you that it will last for long. The sleeping area is large measuring 48 l x 24 w x 9 h inches and is made of a canvas which is waterproof which comes with a fitted bedsheet making it comfortable for the toddler.

It’s very easy to use and fold. Although the stands are made of steel, its light in weight and can be carried around easily since its size when folded is 9 l x 24 w x 9 h. A carrying case is also available for convenience.

The canvas can be washed by hands, machine wash or wiped with soapy water.

This durable portable cot, can hold up to 70 pounds and is perfect for kids between the age of 2 -5 years.

Ideal for vacations, sleep overs, day care, camping etc.


  • Comes with a fitted bed sheet.
  • Its water proof.
  • Made of durable steel stands.


  • Its 9 inches high and so little kids who are not used on sleeping alone can fall when not monitored.
  1. Disney Minnie Mouse Rolled Nap Mat

This amazing Disney Minnie Mouse Rolled nap mat is a mat that is rolled on the carpet for the kids nap time. The mat is made of polyester microfiber that is 20 x 44 long and soft for the comfort of the baby.

 It comes with a blanket that is made of fleece material that is so soft on the toddler’s body. The blanket is 30 x 33 inches long and is attached on one side of the mat such that you just fold it in case you want to cover your baby.

There is a strap that makes it easy to carry around when folded and comes in brilliant colors.

Always use it over a carpet, foamy surface or on a pad for comfort. Kids over 2 years are suitable for this specific mat.

Machine wash it in cold water or hand wash it if machine is not available. For durability never iron it, dry clean it or use any chlorine bleach on it.


  • Can be machine washed.
  • Easy to fold.
  • Kids can roll over without the risk of falling.


  • It’s not so thick such that it can’t be placed on a hard surface but can be placed on a carpet or a soft pad for kid’s safety.

3.Urban Infant All in One Daycare Mat.

Apart from winning moms’ choice award, urban Infant All in One Daycare Mat has already been approved by the national parenting, making it one of the safest mat to use. Additionally, it comes with a removable pillow that you place your kids head on, for comfort.

The mat is 52 inches long and comes with a secret pocket that you can put your kids’ personal items for safety. On it, there is also a name tag thus it cannot be exchanged or used by anyone else.

It has a sewn-in blanket that is double sided and very warm. Mostly recommended due to the use of high quality material that maintains its colors even after several washes. Available in many colors and design therefore you can .choose the best that your toddler will definitely love.

Easy to use, and fold. Light in weight therefore easy to carry around. Can be machine washed in cold water thus saving time.

Best for daycare kids of the age 2-5 years.


  • Available in various colors and designs.
  • Color doesn’t run out.
  • Has a secret pocket.


  • It’s not waterproof.

4. Everyday Kids Toddler Nap Mat

If your little one loves colors, definitely consider Everyday Kids Toddler nap mat, as it comes in 14 charming themes, with very bright colors and beautiful designs, that your little one will love taking a nap on. The mat is made of high quality, breathable, fade resistant, soft microfiber that is 21 w x 46 l long. In it, is also a comforter and a removable pillow, to ensure your kid gets enough sleep comfortably. After folding, it has fastening closure strap and a carrying handle for easy portability.

It’s easy to use since you just spread it on the floor. Light in weight such that it’s easy to carry it anywhere you go. Also has a name tag that makes it easy for your child to recognize his/her nap mat, preventing fight within the kids when using it in daycare

Machine wash in cold water in the gentle cycle to retain bold colors and can also be ironed if necessary. Suitable for kids of 2-4 years.


  • Available in bright colors.
  • Can be machine washed.
  • Comes with a comforter and removable pillow.


  • It’s not water proof.

5. Lambs And Ivy Little Explorer Nap Mat

Does your kid love animals? Then lamb and ivy little explorer nap mat is your perfect match. This is because it comes with a sewn in blanket that is light blue in color decorated with woodlands animals like the foxes and bears that will make your kid enjoy quality sleep.

This polyester, cotton nap mat has a name tag that will enable your kid identify the nap mat easily. Additionally, it comes with an inbuilt pillow for comfort. It’s easy to use and when storing, just roll and close with a Velcro style closure.

Can be used by kids between 2-5 years of age since its 21.5 x 45 inches long.

Use cold water to wash this mat to avoid color from running out. Can be hand washed or machine washed. If ironing is needed, use the lowest setting. Comes in three colors that is; blue grey and orange.


  • Can be ironed.
  • Comes with a fleece blanket.
  • Comes in three colors that you can choose from.


  • Not suitable to be laid on hard floor since its thickness will not offer comfort.

6. Milliard Trifold Pack And Play

Milliard Trifold Pack and Play is a padded high density foam that is made of polyester. Its 38 l x 26 w inches and it can be folded to a third of its length. Its thickness is 1.5 inches, therefore comfortable.

Amazingly, it comes with a removable water proof cover that is washable and made of polyester making it durable. Additionally, there is a free carrier bag that makes it easy to carry around, that is made of durable material.

After purchasing it, don’t worry that it’s too small just allow it to stay for 24-48 hours to allow the foam to expand to its normal size.

Another advantage that makes it highly recommended is that it’s a lab tested nap mat certified by the Certipu-US standards of content making it one of the most trusted nap mat.

Can be used by toddlers up to 5 years.


  • It has a waterproof cover.
  • Comes with a free carrier bag.
  • It’s lab tested by the CertiPU-US standards of content.


  • Padded surface can cause suffocation if the kid sleeps facing down.
  • Doesn’t come with a blanket.

7. Hi Sprout Lightweight Nap Mat

Due to its skin friendly soft material that is made of cotton, Hi Sprout Light Weight nap mat is among the most recommended mat. The mat is well filled making it comfortable for your little one to sleep on. This mat is light in weight and breathable, thus no risk of suffocation.

Additionally, it comes with a sewn in fleece blanket, that is so soft, such that any kid will automatically love it.  Soft removable pillow is also available in the package, for the kids’ head. The interior of the blanket is colorful and dotted, such that your little one will enjoy sleeping on it.

After rolling, this mat has plastic buckles that you fasten with and also has a carrying handle that makes it convenient to carry around. Easy to use and maintain since it can be machine washed.

Its suitable for vacations, daycare and preschool. Can be used by kids up to 5 years.


  • Comes with a blanket.
  • Can be machine washed.
  • Made of cotton skin friendly material.


  • No name tag, so it can be difficult for your kid to identify if in day care.

8. Stephen Joseph All Over Print

Does your kid love cute and funny designs? Then Stephen Joseph All Over Print is for you.  It’s a mat that is made of polyester with printed designs all over, making it enjoyable for your kid to sleep on. Another advantage is that it comes in different designs that enables you to choose the best for your little one.

It comes with a sewn in blanket, made of soft velboa, that is wide enough to enable you cover your little one well. Moreover, there is a removable pillow that slightly raises the baby’s head for comfort.

Due to its high quality, this mat holds multiple washes without fading. You can machine wash it and then lay it flat to dry.

After rolling there are velcro straps that secure the mat and shoulder straps that makes it easy for you to move around.

Its suitable for camping, daycare, visits and vacations. Recommended for kids between the age of 1-5 years.


  • Comes with different design to choose from.
  • Has a sewn in blanket.
  • Can be machine washed.


  • Might be thin for a hard surface but can be placed on a pad or carpet.
  • The blanket can be a little shorter for tall kids.

9. Kinder Mat Day Dreamer

We all want healthy kids, right? And that’s one of the reason I highly recommend this mat, since it can be disinfected. This mat is made of 10 mil vinyl which is slightly textured, to reduce heat and for making it durable. The mats size is 24 x 48 inches which later measures 12 x 24 inches after folding. Due to its thickness of 2 inches, its suitable for placing on hard surfaces.

This 4-section mat has a water proof material such that it can’t get wet, making it suitable for any season. The seams are completely sealed using radio frequency technology therefore no chance of it being torn.

Easy to use since you just spread it on the floor and no assemble needed. When cleaning, wipe the surface with warm soapy water. Cleans very fast.

Comes in teal-blue color. Light to carry around and very comfortable to sleep on.

Suitable for toddlers of 3-6 years hence much recommended for preschool, daycare and also visits.


  • It’s waterproof.
  • Easy to disinfect.
  • Can be placed on a hard surface.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Doesn’t come with a blanket.
  • No hooks for closure.

10. ECR4kids Toddler Naptime Cot

ECR4kids Toddler Naptime Cot is made of stretch-resistant heavy-duty and high quality plastic that contains 6 stacks. Unlike the others this is a plastic cot that has a polyester netting, that is tightly fitted to the corners such that it stays in place always. The stands are made of powder coated steel, that makes it durable and safe for everyday use. Each stack measures 40 l x 23 w meaning its big enough for a toddler.

Easy to use since its ready to assemble. Its slightly high to keep kids clean, free from germs and comfortable. No sheets needed since it already has a netting that the kid can sleep on. Can be easily maintained and cleaned by wiping with a sponge and soapy water.

Saves on space since it can be stacked up to 20 high when not in use.

Suitable for preschool and daycare since it comes in a stack of 6 pieces. Recommended for kids of 2-4 years.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Made of durable material.


  • No blanket available.
  • Not suitable for vacations.

Buyers Guide

Sleep is essential in the growth of a baby that’s why Every mum wants his or her baby get quality sleep comfortably. Since nap mats come in different designs, sizes and material, it’s good to choose the best for your toddler. Here’s a buying guide on what to look for, when buying nap mats.


Nap mats comes in different sizes for different age groups, when buying, always ensure you buy the right size for your baby. This ensures that the baby fits well and therefore get quality sleep comfortably. Also, you don’t want to buy nap mats each and every year, so buy one that the baby wont outgrow quickly.


This is one of the major thing to look in a nap mat. Some are made of polyester, cotton and others are padded. Ensure you buy the best material depending on the child’s age because some material may react with the kids’ skin and others can easily cause suffocation.


While some nap mats can be rolled to a tiny item, others can just be folded twice or thrice. Always ensure that before buying, you read the manual on how to fold it to ensure you get what will be convenient to you.

How to clean

Always ensure you buy what you can comfortably maintain. Because While others can just be wiped, others can be hand washed and others machine washed. Buy a nap mat that you will be able to clean anytime you feel like cleaning it. If buying for small kids, you can buy one that is waterproof since kids can easily mess the nap mat.


There are nap mats that are best for day care and preschool purposes, and others for vacations and visits. This is because, some can be placed on a hard surface and others can’t. Some are more portable than others, and others are not waterproof.

Wrap up

Nap mats are essential in every kids’ life since babies can sleep anytime of the day and anywhere. And in such a case, you just spread it and let your kid enjoy quality sleep. They are recommended because they are easy to use, maintain and convenient to carry around.

They are also hygienic since you can clean them anytime you feel like. They come in different materials like cotton, polyester. Padded mats or even plastics. Always choose the best depending on the age of the toddler.

Making a baby to have quality nap away from home is not easy. But with these Top 10 Best Nap Mats for Toddlers, it will always be easy for you and your kid will get good sleep anytime and anywhere.

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