Best Middle Names for Vanessa

Meaning And Origin of the Name Vanessa

Before we get to know the best middle names for Vanessa, let us see the meaning first. In America, the name Vanessa means butterfly but British authorities beg to differ. They claim that the name was invented by Jonathan Swift the Anglo-irish writer from the name Esther Vanhomrigh. It was created by taking van from Vanhomrigh and adding essa which is a pet form of Esther. And in Latin it means of Venus.

It is a female name of English origin that is widely used in the US. After that small description, let us see what nickname you can give your little vanessa.

Nicknames for Vanessa

  • Vany
  • Nessa
  • Van
  • Nessie
  • Nessy
  • V
  • Ness
  • Nester

Other Spellings for Vanessa

  • Vanesa in Spanish
  • Vanessza in Hungarian
  • Wanesa or Vanasia in polish.

We can now go straight to our main topic which is to get the best middle names for Vanessa.

Best Middle Names for Vanessa

  1. Vanessa Alex
  2. Vanessa Alwyn
  3. Vanessa Anne
  4. Vanessa Aubrey
  5. Vanessa Beatrix
  6. Vanessa Belle
  7. Vanessa Beth
  8. Vanessa Blair
  9. Vanessa Bree
  10. Vanessa Cate
  11. Vanessa Catroina
  12. Vanessa Charlotte
  13. Vanessa Claire
  14. Vanessa Clementine
  15. Vanessa Corrine
  16. Vanessa Danae
  17. Vanessa Daphne
  18. Vanessa Deliah
  19. Vanessa Delphine
  20. Vanessa Drew
  21. Vanessa Faith
  22. Vanessa Genelle
  23. Vanessa Grace
  24. Vanessa Harper
  25. Vanessa Harris
  26. Vanessa Hazel
  27. Vanessa Iris
  28. Vanessa Jade
  29. Vanessa Jane
  30. Vanessa Jane laurel
  31. Vanessa Jasmine
  32. Vanessa Jayde
  33. Vanessa Jayne
  34. Vanessa Jean
  35. Vanessa Jill
  36. Vanessa Jodie
  37. Vanessa Joy
  38. Vanessa Jude
  39. Vanessa June
  40. Vanessa Kate
  41. Vanessa Kim
  42. Vanessa Lallia
  43. Vanessa Lee
  44. Vanessa Leigh
  45. Vanessa Lillian
  46. Vanessa Lynn
  47. Vanessa Mae
  48. Vanessa Marie
  49. Vanessa Mia
  50. Vanessa Paige
  51. Vanessa Prudence
  52. Vanessa Raine
  53. Vanessa Ray
  54. Vanessa Renee
  55. Vanessa Romilly
  56. Vanessa Rosalind
  57. Vanessa Rosamond
  58. Vanessa Rose
  59. Vanessa Sage
  60. Vanessa Scarlett
  61. Vanessa Shay
  62. Vanessa Sophia
  63. Vanessa Syna
  64. Vanessa Talia
  65. Vanessa Tamsin
  66. Vanessa Taylpor
  67. Vanessa Vivienne
  68. Vanessa Willow
  69. Vanessa Winifred
  70. Vanessa Zoe


Other Names Similar to Vanessa

  • Veronicah
  • Valerie
  • Melissa
  • Stephanie
  • Nicole
  • Miranda
  • Melanie
  • Sabrina


Getting a middle name is always tricky. And that’s why some people choose to use the family name. But if you don’t like to use the family name, it gets tougher since there is a sur-name to consider. When looking for a middle name for Vanessa, consider it sorted as the names above are cute and unique unless you get that they don’t rhyme with the last name which I don’t think is possible since I’ve listed a variety.

Congratulations on your baby girl!

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