Best Middle Names for Nova

Origin and Meaning

Nova is a name of Latin origin meaning “new.” In astronomy, it’s the name of a star that brightens sharply before fading. Nova started gaining popularity from the early 2000s. In 2019, it emerged in number 51 from number 886 in 2000. According to google search, it was at its peak in popularity in April 2020 and was searched most often in the US.

Nova can be used by both boys and girls. In girls, the spelling can be changed to Noova, Novah, Novia, or even Novella

In this article, I want us to major on the best middle names that can perfectly go together with Nova. And without wasting time, let me show you what I came up with.

Best Middle Names for Nova

  1. Nova Alice
  2. Nova Amelia
  3. Nova Annabel
  4. Nova Arabella
  5. Nova Araminta
  6. Nova Augustine
  7. Nova Aurora
  8. Nova Bay
  9. Nova Bea
  10. Nova Beatrix
  11. Nova Beitris
  12. Nova Bleu
  13. Nova Blythe
  14. Nova Brooke
  15. Nova Carina
  16. Nova Caroline
  17. Nova Cecelia
  18. Nova Clementine
  19. Nova Coral
  20. Nova Dakota
  21. Nova Dawn
  22. Nova Diane
  23. Nova Drew
  24. Nova Eileen.
  25. Nova Eleanor
  26. Nova Elle
  27. Nova Elodie
  28. Nova Eloise
  29. Nova Emmeline
  30. Nova Eve
  31. Nova Faustine
  32. Nova Felicity
  33. Nova Fern
  34. Nova Gail
  35. Nova Georgette
  36. Nova Jean
  37. Nova Jessamine
  38. Nova Jewel
  39. Nova Joss
  40. Nova Juliet
  41. Nova Lane
  42. Nova Laurel
  43. Nova Leticia
  44. Nova Lolita
  45. Nova Lux
  46. Nova Madeleine
  47. Nova Marnie
  48. Nova Martine
  49. Nova Matilda
  50. Nova Mei
  51. Nova Nancy
  52. Nova Nysa
  53. Nova Ophelia
  54. Nova Ophelie
  55. Nova Oriana
  56. Nova Quinn
  57. Nova Ray
  58. Nova Rhiannon
  59. Nova Romilly
  60. Nova Rose
  61. Nova Rowena
  62. Nova Ruth
  63. Nova Scarlett
  64. Nova Sky
  65. Nova Star
  66. Nova Tel
  67. Nova Ursula
  68. Nova Verity
  69. Nova Willow
  70. Nova Wren

Names that sound like Nova

  • Novella
  • Novia
  • Tovah
  • Neva
  • Genova


Nicknames for Nova

Some people prefer nicknames to full names. In this case you can use;

  • Nove
  • Novie
  • Novy
  • Avvy


Getting a middle name for Nova is stressful. I used a lot of time coming up with this list. I know it was also hectic for you until you got this list. My work is always to make yours easier. If you also have a name that you think can be used as a middle name for Nova, feel free to comment below.

You can also name your baby after that person who is so dear to your heart or a family member to honor the family heritage.

Congratulations on your baby girl!

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