50+ Best Middle Name for Charlie Girl

Meaning of the Name Charlie

The name Charlie was widely used as a girl’s name in 2015 and that made it become famous as a unisex name. Before that it was known to be a boy’s name. The name Charlie is of English origin which means “free man.”  Charlie was the short form of the name Charles which is a boys name. But off-late it is used as the short form of charlotte, Charlene and charlise in girls.

The name Charlie is a cute name and can be easily matched with a number of cute middle names. You may not be sure of which name to go with as the second name, and that’s where I come in. Read along and get to know some of the best middle names that you can match Charlie with.

Best Middle Name for Charlie


  1. Charlie Abigail
  2. Charlie Adaline
  3. Charlie Alexa
  4. Charlie Alexandra
  5. Charlie Amelia
  6. Charlie Annabelle
  7. Charlie Antoinette
  8. Charlie Astrid
  9. Charlie Beatrice
  10. Charlie Beth
  11. Charlie Brynn
  12. Charlie Carolina
  13. Charlie Cassandra
  14. Charlie Cassia
  15. Charlie Clementine
  16. Charlie Davina
  17. Charlie Evelyn
  18. Charlie Faith
  19. Charlie Felicia
  20. Charlie Florence
  21. Charlie Francesca
  22. Charlie Gabriella
  23. Charlie Genevieve
  24. Charlie Georgina
  25. Charlie Harper
  26. Charlie Helena
  27. Charlie Heloise
  28. Charlie Isabelle
  29. Charlie Isaura
  30. Charlie Janelle
  31. Charlie June
  32. Charlie Katerina
  33. Charlie Leanna
  34. Charlie Madelyn
  35. Charlie Marie
  36. Charlie Matilda
  37. Charlie May
  38. Charlie Milena
  39. Charlie Miranda
  40. Charlie Natalia
  41. Charlie Nicole
  42. Charlie Olivia
  43. Charlie Priya
  44. Charlie Ramona
  45. Charlie Rebecca
  46. Charlie Renee
  47. Charlie Rosalind
  48. Charlie Rose
  49. Charlie Rose
  50. Charlie Seraphine
  51. Charlie Serena
  52. Charlie Sophia
  53. Charlie Tabitha
  54. Charlie Thea
  55. Charlie Vivienne
  56. Charlie Willamine

Nickname for Charlie

If you want a name with a nickname, Charlie may not be the best option as it is a nickname itself for charlotte, Charlene and charlise.


Most people term Charlie as a boy’s name but others defer with that. Even though it sounds masculine, it can be perfectly used as a girls’ name. Getting a middle name for Charlie for a girl can be quite hectic as all you get to see are boys’ names. But this list will save you a lot of time as it is full of super cute middle names for Charlie. If you have other names that can be added to the list, feel free to let us know in the comment section.

Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl!

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