Best Goat Milk Formula for Baby

Over the years, cow milk has been widely used more than goat milk. But recently, people have started learning the importance of taking goat milk products and have started embracing them. For babies who aren’t breastfeeding properly, you can opt to give them goat milk formula instead of cow milk formula. It is also recommended for babies with reflex or who spit up as it is easy to digest unlike cow milk formula.

Although cow and goat milk formulas are not recommended to infants less than one year, they are designed to provide to your baby nutrients that enhance growth.  Just like cow milk, goat milk also has vitamins and minerals and you have to dilute it to get the manageable form. To know the best goat milk formula for baby and how beneficial it is to your baby, have a look at this article.

Goat Milk Formula Best for Your Baby Reviews

1. Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula

As I said earlier, goat milk formula is a solution to babies with intolerance with cow milk formula. Kabrita goat milk toddler formula, is one of the goat milk formulas that will help your baby grow healthy as it is easy to digest and can be a solution to tummy upsets. As dermatologists say, babies with eczema may be a side effect of cow’s milk and so you can take advantage of goat milk to see if your baby’s skin will improve.

With a sweet and fresh smell and taste, your baby will not have any difficulties taking it. It’s nutritionally fortified with 22 vitamins and minerals including iron, DHA, folic acid and ARA. It’s free of hormones and heavy metals and is certified by the glyphosate pesticide free.

Even though it cannot replace breastfeeding, its casein protein composition is closer to that of breast milk and hence will be beneficial to your baby just like breast milk.

It is easy to use since you just add enough amount of powder to a bottle then shake vigorously. You can use immediately for babies or refrigerate and use within 24 hours if it’s for the mom. Since goat milk is not recommended for kids below one year, kabrita goat milk is suitable for babies between 12 and 24 months.


  • Easy to digest.
  • Mixes well with water.
  • Has a sweet smell and taste.
  • Good for babies who spit up


  • Not suitable for babies with cow milk protein sensitivity.

2. Meyenberg Whole Powdered Goat Milk

Being preservatives and antibiotics free, this goat milk will be of great beneficial to your baby without having stomach upsets. It’s high in calcium and will help your baby grow strong bones and teeth. It will also benefit your body with 7 grams of protein per serving. With no artificial flavors and sweeteners, it is clean, delicious and creamy.

When it comes to digestion, it is easy to digest since it’s low in lactose and so your baby will never have stomach upsets as it can be experienced after taking cow milk. You can also get goat cheese and butter from the stores which will make you a fun of goat products.

It’s easy to prepare and doesn’t require much time as you will just mix 2 unpacked level scoops of the powder with ¾ cup of warm water. Shake or mix well until you get a smooth cream. You can take it immediately or refrigerate for a few hours.

The ingredients in Meyenberg whole powdered goat milk includes whole goat milk, vitamin D3 and folic acid. It is specifically designed to be used by babies older than one year.


  • Good for babies with cow milk sensitivity.
  • Does not contain preservatives.


  • You have to mix vigorously for it to be smooth.

3. Nanny Care Goats Milk

Being a can of 900 g, you will have no regrets as your little baby will take quite a number of times. With beneficial of nutritional health, your baby will get all the nutritional value needed from milk. It’s best consumed by babies above one year to three years.

Having being made of goat milk, sunflower, vitamins, minerals and rapeseed, Nanny care goat milk is free of artificial flavors and harmful chemicals thus safe for your little one.

Since it comes in powder form, you just have to mix a small amount of powder with warm water and shake till smooth and creamy. You can also refrigerate it and consume it within 24 hours.


  • Has a sweet taste.
  • Affordable.
  • Easy to mix.


  • Not easily found in the USA.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is goat milk formula better than cow milk formula?

The main aim of taking milk is because of protein intake. There is no major difference between goat and cow milk. They all serve the same purpose of additional nutrients like vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrate, DHA, ARA, probiotics and prebiotics. The only difference between cow and goat milk is that goat milk has less quantity of protein and is easier to digest than cow milk.

Are goat milk formulas better for babies with sensitive stomachs?

The answer is definitely yes! Goat milk formula has less proteins which are easier to digest. They won’t accumulate in the stomach and therefore suitable for babies who spit up or have reflux. This is because goat milk formula does not contain agglutin compound which is found in cow milk formula and is the cause of milk clumping together. You should also understand that goat milk is naturally homogenized which is not the case in cows’ milk.

Can you substitute goat milk formula with breast milk?

NO! Breast milk is always the best milk for an infant. It’s also advisable to breastfeed your baby exclusively for six months. During this period, you should not add anything else to the baby unless you don’t have enough breast milk. After the six months period it’s also not safe to give your baby goat milk formula. Although some people do give their babies these formulas, but goat milk is recommended to kids above one year.

What to Look for When Choosing Goat Milk Formula

Goat milk formula is not common like cow milk formula and it may be challenging to get the best. They are also very few in the market and so no wide variety to choose from. But it’s always good to buy formula that does not contain added flavors, sweeteners or preservatives.

According to my view, you can choose one which has lactose as the main ingredient as lactose is the main carbohydrate in breast milk.

The quantity should also be considered. It’s wise to buy a small quantity for a start to see if your baby will react to it before purchasing a big can when the baby gets used to it.

Wrap Up

Although your baby may still react to goat milk formula, it’s still good to give it a trial. It is easy to digest and that is why it’s good for babies’ stomachs. Goat milk is not widely used and may not be common to some people. This also makes it very rare to get. In our case we can highly recommend Kabrita and Meyenberg goat milk formula. They have no artificial flavors and they are high-quality formulas. Take note, babies who spit up can use goat milk formula but those with protein intolerance can get a reaction but can just try to see the reaction or better still consult with your pediatrician.

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