Best Baby Walker For Carpets (2021 reviews)

Nothing excites a parent like the first step a baby makes! But before that first step, you have to teach your baby how to walk which maybe tiresome, and that’s where a baby walker comes in. most baby walkers are used on hard surfaces which may be dangerous in case the baby falls. That’s why on this review, we are majoring on the best baby walker for carpets, since it will be much safer even if the baby falls down.

When it comes to choosing the best walker, some factors are to be considered such as weight of the baby, price, durability of the baby walker and many more.

To be able to purchase the best baby walker for carpet, we have researched and highlighted below their features and advantages.

Best Baby Walker For Carpets Reviews

1. Safety 1st Dino Sounds ‘N Light Discovery Baby Walker

Best For Travel

 To keep your baby busy while going on with your other chores, Safety 1st Dino Sounds N Light Discovery Baby Walker comes with five different toys to keep your child entertained. It also comes with 12 different songs that plays in the background while your child plays with the toys.

To make eating time more enjoyable, it comes with a tray snack and to reveal it, simply swing out each of the two activity trays. This makes your work easier since there will be minimal mess.

Its easy to clean since you just wipe the plastic and metal surfaces with a clean damp cloth. The padded seat can easily be dis-assembled from the frame and machine washed. This baby walker has a dimension of 28.10 l x 24 w x 22.5 h inches with a weight of 10.9 pounds. For height adjustments, it has three positions that allows you to keep the baby at the right height as he/she grows.

For durability, this walker has four sturdy wheels that moves equally well on carpets or bare floors. For easy movement on heavy carpets, ensure to remove the bumpers under the walker.

With safety 1st baby walker, you don’t have to worry about storage since it can be compact folded which uses much less space when storing.

Can be used by kids weighing between 19.84 pounds to 30.9 pounds.


  • Has three positions for height adjustments.
  • Can be Comfortably used on carpets.
  • Folds almost flat therefore easy to store.
  • Has grip strips which reduce movement on uneven surfaces.
  • No batteries required.


  • Can only be used by kids from nine months.

2. Bright Starts Roaming Safari Walk-A-Bout Walker

Best For A Small Baby

An adventurous walker! A baby walker encourages the baby to walk independently while safe. This amazing baby walker is roaming with toys, sounds, lights and fun. The toy station can be removed thus toys can be used anywhere and easy to clean.

All baby items should be kept clean to maintain hygiene. That’s why the plastic frames can be wiped with soapy water while the padded seat can be machine washed.

This durable walker can be used for a long time since it has three height positions that can be adjusted as your baby grows. Measures 34 x 28 x 24 inches with a weight of 11.02 pounds.

Operated by using 3 AA batteries which lasts for about 20 hours and are to be bought separately and can be used by babies with a maximum weight of 26 pounds.

Due to its sturdy wheels, it can be comfortably used on carpets.


  • Has three adjustable heights.
  • Has a removable toy station.
  • The lighting horn has a function where you can turn off or reduce volume.


  • It’s not portable.
  • Uses batteries which are not included in the package.

3. Delta Children First Exploration 2-In-1 Activity Walker.

Best For Walk Alone Children.

This 2-in-1 baby walker can be used as a walker or as a walk behind walker for babies who already know how to walk on their own. It has three height positions that you adjust as the baby grows and Is recommended for babies weighing up to 25 pounds with a maximum height of 30 inches.

For entertainment, it comes with a toy tray that comes with developmental toys and music. The tray can be removed for cleaning or to create enough space for eating. During meal time, the seat can become messy, that’s why it has a removable seat pad that can be machine washed for hygiene.

Delta Children First Exploration 2-In-1 Activity Walker, is also portable since it can be folded flat which makes it easier for storage. The wheels are made of rubber which ensures the baby walker doesn’t destroy your wood floor and can also be used on carpets.

It has a dimension of 22 l x 25.2 w x 23 h inches with a weight of 7 pounds and uses two AA batteries which are not included in the walker.

For trust issues, it has been certified by the JPMA and meets all safety standards set by CPSC and ASTM.


  • Can be used as a walker or walk behind walker.
  • Has a machine washable seat pad.
  • Can be compact folded for easy storage or transportation.
  • Certified by the JPMA.


  • Removing the toy tray can be a bit hectic.

4. Combi Baby Activity Walker.

Best With Electronic Play Tray.

According to our research, we highly recommend Combi Baby Activity Walker. This is due to its amazing features like removable electronic play tray with lights, sounds, and attached fun mirror. It also features colorful flowers with a theme to provide a playful and stimulating experience for your baby.

Has a Lockable jumper feature which you access by pushing down the walker and turning knob to lock and comes with a three-position height adjustment to fit your baby as he/she grows. The seat cushion is easy to maintain since it can be wiped and can also be machine washed.

All four wheels swivel, making it easy for the baby to move around the house be it on carpets or hard floors. Its very sturdy hence durable.

Has a dimension of 28 w x 21 d x 25.5 h inches with a weight of 18.35 pounds. Can accommodate kids up to 30 lb.


  • Has an electric play tray.
  • All four wheels can swivel.
  • Has a three-position height adjustment.


  • Not portable.

5. INFANS Foldable Baby Walker

Best Walk Behind Walker.


From a seating walker to a walk behind walker. This 2 in 1 design can easily serve the purpose you want with the assistance of the armrest that is behind the high back padded seat and the removable safety bumper. The walk behind feature is suitable for kids who can walk on their own to avoid falling.

The front wheels have a 360 degrees rotation that makes it easy for your baby to learn how to walk.  The rear wheels are firmly fixed with nuts and you can tighten them to increase the friction that controls speed of the walker. The cushion is well designed to avoid bow legs.

The main advantage as to why we highly recommend Infans Foldable Baby Walker, is the presence of safety bumper which provides safe distance. Its located under the seat and it will first touch the table leg or the edge of sharp wall as the baby moves backwards. To protect baby’s head from collision, there is the feature of effective safe distance.

It has 3-position height adjustment that you adjust as your baby grows to provide the needed height. For easy storage or transportation, this baby walker can be compact folded making it only 10 inches tall.

Since baby’s products should be clean always, carpet walker is no exemption, that’s why the seat can be detached for easy cleaning. The seat cover is breathable thus comfortable. The rest of the walker can be wiped with a wet cloth.

Suitable for kids weighing up to 25 pounds and has a dimension of 30 x 25 x 22 inches.

Remove the bumpers for easy movement on the carpet.


  • Has 360 degrees rotational front wheels.
  • Has a safety bumper.
  • Easily used on a carpet.
  • Can be used as a seat walker or walk behind walker.


  • Doesn’t come with toys.

6. Bright Starts 3 Ways To Play Walker.

Best For Two Babies.

This amazing walker can be used by two babies at the same time. The smaller baby learning to walk can use the normal seating walker, while the other one can use walk behind walker which should be used by kids who already know how to walk to prevent the baby from falling. The seat is placed high to offer needed comfort to the baby.

Since babies grow at a high rate, Bright Starts 3 Ways to Play Walker provides a three-height adjustment which you adjust according to the height of the baby. It has lights and sounds that keeps your baby entertained as you do other chores. The steering wheel play station can be removed in case the baby wants to play on the floor. To avoid too high or too low sounds, it comes with two volume control that enables you to put the appropriate volume for your baby.

To maintain hygiene, the walker can be wiped with a clean dump cloth and the seat cushion can be machine washed.

Requires batteries for it to work which lasts 144 hours and has a maximum weight recommendation of 26 pounds.


  • Can be used by two kids at the same time.
  • Has sound and lights which entertain the baby.
  • Comes with two volume control options.


  • Uses batteries and that means an extra cost.

7. Dream On Me 2 In 1 Crossover Musical Walker And Rocker

Best Walker And Rocker

 Ever Seen a walker and a rocker as one? That’s how Dream On Me 2 In 1 Crossover Musical Walker And Rocker is, to ensure your baby has maximum fun. To fully entertain you child, it has music that lights up and has a removable to tray with a snack tray.

To adjust height as your baby grows, it has three adjustment heights to ensure your baby grows up with it. The front wheels swivel while the rear wheels are fixed to offer smooth and easy motion on the carpet or floor.

To easily clean it the chair pad and fabric footrest can be removed and machine washed. The other parts can be wiped with a dump clean towel. Its can easily and quickly be folded for easy storage. Kids under the weight of 25 lbs with a height of 32 inches can comfortably use this carpet baby walker.

Since you can’t buy baby’s products from unreliable sources, this particular walker meets the standards set by ASTM F977 making it a trusted product.


  • Can be used as a walker or rocker.
  • Easily moves on carpet.
  • Meets ASTM F977 standards.


  • The child must be able to sit unassisted for he/ she to use it.
  • Requires batteries making it an extra cost.

8. Leap Frog Scout’s 3-In-1 Get Up And Go Walker

Walker With Best Toys

Need a cute baby walker with a baby gym? With Leap Frog Scout’s 3-In-1 Get Up And Go Walker, you get the best deal since it has lots of toys. There are toys and lights that changes color in six different colors to keep your baby entertained throughout. The activities include five light up piano keys, phone, bead spinner, two dangling toys and many more. The activity modes switches between listening to music, playing learning games and getting active.

Amazingly, it can be used as a sitting walker or a walk behind walker for kids who know how to walk. Since babies learning to walk have different paces and aren’t able to walk quickly, the wheels can be set at different speeds depending on your child’s ability to walk.

Requires two AA batteries which are not included in the package. When buying a walker, ensure to buy one that will grow with your baby without necessarily having to purchase a bigger one. and for that reason, this carpet walker can be comfortably used by kids between three months and three years.


  • Comes with lots of toys.
  • Very sturdy.
  • The speed of the wheels can be controlled.


  • The phone sticker has no protective coating so babies scrap them off easily.
  • Requires batteries.

9. Joovy Spoon Walker

Highly rated walker

Joovy Spoon Walker is one of the most recommended and highly rated walker. This is because it provides a good balance of eating, playing and learning to walk. It has a large eating tray with an insert which can be dish washed for hygiene purposes. The white color gives the walker a classy look and easily cleans up.

As your baby grows taller, you can adjust the height to suit the baby’s height with the three height positions provided. The seat pad is comfortable and sturdy made with 600 D material and can easily be cleaned by machine washing.

It folds easily for easy storage and transportation. Since its free of BPA, PVC and phthalate, its certified by the JPMA making it a trusted product.

With a dimension of 18 h x 25.5 w x 27.75 d this carpet walker can be conveniently used by kids under the weight of 30 pounds with a maximum height of 33.5 inches.


  • The tray has an insert that can be dish washed.
  • Oversized wheels with non-slip stair pads.
  • Certified by the JPMA.
  • Seat pad can be machine washed.
  • Can be effortlessly used on the carpet after removing the bumpers.


  • Most customers considered it as short for tall toddlers.

Points To Consider When Buying Carpet Baby Walker.

Weight Of The Child.

 Before purchasing a baby walker, you should consider the maximum weight and height that can be accommodated by the walker. This is to ensure that you don’t have to buy another walker before your child learns how to walk. If your child is heavy than the recommended weight, the walker might break hence causing injuries. If the legs of the baby are bent when using a walker, it’s a high time you purchase another one because it means its shorter than the baby.

Number Of Height Positions

Since babies growing rate is usually high, any good walker should have height adjustments. This ensures that your baby grows with the walker and no need of buying another one. Most walkers have three adjustments that you adjust according to the baby’s height. The more the adjustments, the better since it can be used for longer.


When purchasing a carpet baby walker, consider the space on where to use and store the walker. You don’t need to buy a big walker for a small space since the baby will be limited to move. Small spaces require small walkers and vice versa. Also consider the storage space since some walkers can be folded while others cannot. If your space is limited, purchase a walker that can be compact folded since it can even be stored under the bed to minimize storage space.


 It’s a good idea that some baby walkers have toys included in the package. But you have to consider which toys are available to ensure you don’t purchase a walker with toys that can cause accidents. For instance, in some cases, customers complained of having toys that had spaces such that the little one’s fingers would get stuck. Always counter-check before purchase!


Since babies are delicate, you ought to buy products that are trusted. The walker should be certified by the necessary organizations and should meet standards set by the organizations.


 After purchasing an item, you are not guaranteed that it will work perfectly forever. Some can get faults even at the second day of use. That is why we highly recommend you to buy products that has a warranty such that you can return it to the manufacturer in case of any fault.


What’s the best age for a child to start using a walker?

There is no specific age to start using a walker since babies develop differently. But in most walkers the minimum age is highlighted. But overall, there are some factors you should consider.

1.the baby should be able to sit upright unassisted.

2.the babies head should be steady.

3.the baby should be able to reach the floor with the lowest setting.

Can a walker affect baby’s muscles development?

Baby walkers are meant to entertain your baby. But they are not to be misused by using them all the time. They can affect their development if used all the time.  But when used partially, they can tighten their legs muscles since they use their toes in these walkers. Its also good for them learn how to walk without the walkers to gain floor balance.

How long should I use a walker per day?

Although it’s not highlighted how long you should use, its always good to limit the usage so that your baby can learn other things too. A maximum of 30 minutes can be enough for a baby to use a walker per day. This ensures your baby also gets enough time to explore the environment.

Wrap Up

Using a baby walker makes your baby learn how to walk easily. Ensure to buy the best quality without compromising their comfort. According to our research, we can highly recommend Combi Baby Activity Walker as the best walker. But always do your due diligence before purchase to ensure you get the right carpet walker for you little one.

We hope that these tips will enable you choose the Best Baby Walker For Carpets.

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