Top 5 Best Baby Scales (2020 Reviews)

A baby scale is used to monitor the progress of growth in a baby. This is mostly during the first one/or two years of a baby. Many parents don’t prioritize on baby scales. But pediatricians recommend a baby scale in every household. Especially in homes where there is a premature baby or a baby with medical problems. Such babies tend to gain weight slowly and is therefore advisable to monitor their growth often.

To avoid the stress of going to your pediatrician every now and then, it’s important to have a scale with you. Due to the many baby scales available in the market, some of which are not good quality, we have done a research of the best baby scales available in the market. Let’s have a look together.

Best baby Scales Reviews

1. Health O Meter Grow with Me 2 In 1 Baby to Toddler Scale

Editor’s choice

One of the great factors you can consider when purchasing a scale, is the minimum and maximum weight it can hold. With Health O Meter Grow with Me 2 In 1 Baby to Toddler Scale, you can weigh your baby from 1 pound up to 60 pounds. Once your baby is big, you can convert it to a toddler scale. You don’t have to purchase another one later.

When weighing your baby, you don’t have to worry if the baby will fall. This is because it comes with a lock for added stability. The LCD display is big such that you will be able to read the measurement clearly.

Another advantage is that it comes with a growth baby book, where you track your baby’s weight. The book also helps you track the height of the baby, from birth up to 36 months. Additionally, it has a tooth tracker and a toddler shoe size chart.

What will make you trust this product even more is the fact that it comes with a 10-year warranty! For the baby scale to function, it requires a 9 volt battery which is not included in the scale. It can also work well with polaroid 9v batteries.


  1. Can accurately measure up to 60 lbs.
  2. Comes with a 10-year warranty.
  3. Can be converted to a toddler scale when your baby outgrows.


  1. Requires batteries which are not included in the package.

2. Baby scale multi-Function Baby/Toddler Scale

High weighing capacity

Sometimes we might be on a budget and would like to purchase a certain product without having to change it later. When it comes baby scales, we can highly recommend Baby Scale multi-Function Baby/Toddler Scale. This is because you can use it to weigh babies, toddlers, pets and even adults. What makes it such a good scale is the fact that it can measure from 0.1 lb to 220 lb (50 g – 100 kg). This ensures that you will closely monitor your baby’s growth.

This digital baby scale, has a zero function, and a hold function which keeps the weight standard even when the baby is moving. It can also be switched to measure in kg, oz or lb. The large LCD displays has a back light that enables you to read the measurement even from a distance or in dark places.

For added stability, there are two swivel locks at the bottom of the tray and you can easily lock it. For it to weigh your baby, you require 2 AAA batteries, which are included in this package.


  1. Accurately measures up to 220 lb.
  2. Can be used by babies, toddlers, adults or pets.
  3. Batteries are included in this package.
  4. Easy to switch from lbs. to ounces.


  1. Must be placed on a hard surface and not a carpet for accurate measurements.

3. Salter Baby and Toddler Scale

Best convertible to toddler’s scale

The one reason I tend to love this scale, is because it has a zero function that deducts the weight of the diapers or clothing on the baby to ensure accurate measurement. This is because sometimes it might be cold and therefore you wouldn’t remove your baby all clothes.

If your baby outgrows, you can convert this baby scale in to a toddler scale by removing the tray. It has an ability of weighing up to 44lbs in 0.5 oz increments. As babies can’t stay still, this baby scale will keep your baby’s weight on display even when moving.

For added comfort and stability, it has a plastic scoop platform that measures 21.5 inches x 10 inches. With a 1.2-inch LCD readout, you will be able to clearly read the measurements. For it to function, it requires a 9v battery.


  1. Can be converted to a toddler scale.
  2. Can weigh up to 44lbs.
  3. Has a zero function which deducts the weight of the diaper.
  4. Very accurate.


  1. The reading weight keeps on changing depending on the baby’s movements.

4. Beurer BY90 Baby Scale

Bluetooth enabled

To perfectly keep track of your baby’s growth, Beurer BY90 Baby Scale offers you the best way to track. This is because it can be connected via Bluetooth to the beurer babycare app which can be downloaded for free.

Apart from just weighing your baby, it can also be used to weigh your pets. With curved edges and no sharp ends, it is convenient to use. The large LCD display enables you to read the measurement clearly while the built-in measuring tape, makes it possible to accurately measure the weight and length of your little baby.

The automatic and manual hold function records the weight of the baby and the auto lock displays the weight when the scale stabilizes for accuracy. Another advantage is that it is equipped with a zero function that deducts the weight of baby diaper or baby’s blanket for accurate measurements.

The feet are rubber and non-slip to avoid falls. The measurements can easily be adjusted from lb. to oz. It requires batteries which are also included in this package.


  1. You can track your baby’s growth from the beurer babycare app.
  2. Can be used to weigh even pets.
  3. The feet are non-slip to avoid falls.
  4. Batteries are included in this package.


  1. Not accurate when measuring between feeds.

5. Smart Weigh Comfort Baby Scale

Best for small spaces

Having a large smooth surface, Smart Weigh Comfort Baby Scale will cradle your child which make your baby comfortable, therefore stays still for accurate measurements. The measurements can be displayed in kilograms or pounds depending on your preference.

For you to get accurate measurement, always place the baby scale on a hard surface and not in a carpet. Then wait for your baby to be still and then press the hold button to lock your baby’s weight. It also features a tare option that allows you to use baby blankets on the baby scale. The auto off function, will the switch off the scale after 20 seconds of un-use.

The LCD display is large for a clear view of the measurements. This scale is well designed with a slim design that is suitable for storing in small spaces. With a two-year warranty, you can return it in case of any manufacturers defect or any other problem.


  1. Can measure in kilograms and pounds.
  2. Gives accurate measurements.
  3. Comes with a 2-year warranty.


  1. Does not give measurements in ounces.

What to Consider When Purchasing Baby Scales

Maximum capacity of the scale

As you can see from the list above, each scale has its own maximum weighing capacity. It will depend on how long you want to weight your baby, but its always advisable to pick one with the highest weighing capacity. In this case we can recommend baby scale multi-function baby/toddler scale.

Who is to be weighed

Whether you want to weigh your baby, toddler or pet, there is always a baby scale that will work for you. Some can be used to weigh babies, toddlers, adults and still pets. But others can weigh babies only. Some baby scales are well designed such that they can be converted to a standing scale when your baby outgrows. Such are the best as they grow with your baby.

Battery operated.

Battery operated baby scales are the best. This is because, if you are using power scales, the cord can be a nuisance. Cords are also dangerous as the baby can play with them or even fall because of them. Baby scales can use one or two batteries for a very long time. So, durability of the batteries shouldn’t worry you.

Tare function

This is a function which can aid you in getting accurate measurements. It is used to ignore or deduct the weight of the baby diaper or baby blanket and only give you the baby’s weight.

Non-slip bottom

The bottom of the scale should be non-slip. As you know most baby scales are usually placed on top of the table. Non-slip feet will prevent the scale from moving which can even injure the baby. Mostly it should be made of rubber.

What Can Make A Baby Not to Add Weight?

There are many reasons as to why the baby could not be adding weight. Babies tend not to add weight at a certain age which should not bother you much. But incase your baby is reducing his weight, you can see a pediatrician. Some of the reasons include:

  • Worm infection
  • Activeness of the baby.
  • Not feeding him properly
  • Illness
  • High intake of fiber rich food
  • Poor absorption of nutrients.

What to do

Incase your baby is not adding weight as expected, you can try the following hacks.

Feed him often: in some cases, it might be the baby is staying hungry most of the time. Since the baby cannot talk, you may see him as fussy and cries most of the time.

Feed him with solid food: if the baby is past six months and not adding weight. You can reduce breastfeeding and opt for more solid food. This is because your breastmilk may be lacking required nutrients. When feeding him with solid food, you will be able to balance the food as advised by the pediatrician.

See a pediatrician: in a case where you cannot rule out what the issue is, it’s always advisable to see your doctor for further advice.

Weigh after feeding: you can also weigh your baby before and after feeding him to see the amount of milk or food he has taken. This will enable you know if you are giving him less than required.

Wrap Up

Nothing excites a mom than see your baby grow. When babies are small, they tend to add weight fast than when bigger from six months. It is always good to weigh your baby often as it will enable you rule out any sickness earlier. You will also get to track your baby’s growth. Having the best baby scale is key when monitoring your baby’s growth. In our case, we can recommend Health O Meter Grow with Me 2 In 1 Baby to Toddler Scale. It can weigh up to 60 pounds and can be converted to a standing scale. You can also opt to choose from the other options as they are still good baby scales.

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